26 new looks for your V!


I don’t think the dragon skins would look “unprofessional”. The red is an eye catcher of course but the black is as “smooth” as any :slight_smile:


I got the dragon black skin a few days ago. The look is great, it kinda looks like a leather pattern. It was said to be the most “gripping” skin, that’s why i chose it.
It does have a finish that looks like it will make the V easy to handle and prevent it from slipping from my sometimes clumsy hands!
I would not recommend ordering it for the trackpad (I selected black carbon fiber for that).
Now if the V can arrive so I can test that theory!


I saw someone use an alienware laptop for business meetings. I think you’re good to go with the dragon skin :wink:

It really really does.


The “ridges” don’t protrude very far. I find it quite comfortable. The best way I can describe it, and I’m bad at describing things, is that it feels like a less fuzzy, less grippy alcantara. If I close my eyes and lightly drag my finger from the surrounding alcantara to the dragon pad it feels similar to me. My fingers may be out of calibration though.

And yes, I’m sitting here gently caressing my V… Don’t judge.

Anyway… When I ordered it for the track pad, I did it more out of curiosity than thinking it would work well. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised!


I agree, it has a fairly leathery look to it. Dragon leather I guess?



Thanks for the great reply, I think it answered my concern perfectly. Now I’m just down to deciding between a dragon skin or carbon fibre for the touchpad.


Did somebody try to cut a skin in order to fit a device for which they don’t carry? If I order a skin for the V I do not have yet, I’d like to get skins for an/other device/s; one of those they do not carry skins for…
My question is: is it possible to cut the skin without damaging it? :thinking::no_mouth::upside_down_face:

ps: and I still wonder how to replace hair dryer heat… don’t have a hair dryer… (no use for that here in our house :smiley: )


Well its possible but the borders will be crap and feel bad. And i would giess yould start to see it peeling off from the borders after sometime of usage


I would not recommend cutting it unless you have exact dimensions (including curvature) and knowhow and access to a laser cutter. Cutting it with a knive will not give your the results you are looking for. the edges wouldn’t stick as you would like, curves would be very hard to get right and there are more such issues.

As for your hairdryer replacement, you need to apply a small amount of heat, fairly briefly, so the glue gets to a more liquid state and will spread itself more thin and gets a larger surface area. A hairdryer is one of the easier solutions, but not the only one :wink:

  • Get an oven around the desired temperature and rub your device in the oven (obviously don’t leave it in there!) It’s quite cumbersome. (and don’t use a microwave!)
  • Fill up a secure bag with hot water, let it rest on the device for couple of seconds so the heat can transfer from the bag to the device, then stroke the wrap. Repeat.
  • Buy a cheap hairdryer from the dollarstore or something similar.
  • Ask a neighbour/family to borrow their for a few minutes and apply it at their place
  • If you own a heater, you might be able to use that as heat source

With all suggestions, especially the more foolish ones, do bear in mind that devices generally don’t really like heat. You only need to warm up the surface of the device, not the internals.


My skins are now ready to be picked up from local post office.

So ordered on 23rd -> delivery in Finland today 2nd of Feb. Much faster than the expected 15 days


They’re really fast for delivery. In my case it took just two days, one of the perks of living in Canada I guess!


Well they ship from Toronto so two days is pretty normal i guess?


Yup, I was happy to see that!


Just finished to install first part (the trackpad)…damn that i dont have an ufo. Was so hard to get atleast somewhat right. Finally with the third try I think i got it pretty decent. Decided to do some mixing so I put the Marble trackpad skin as the Black dragon felt way too grippy.

Dont have time to do the back today (even this trackpad installation was stressfull) so that will be tomorrow/sunday.


Is that ironic or serious? THIS is the skin that I would like to “cut” (see my post above)…
If ironic => no problem then :slight_smile:
If serious => do you have any suggestions/advises to get it done more easily? :slight_smile:

ps /on a less serious note/… “damn that i dont have an ufo” => wonder if a drone would do… :thinking:


Well itwas kind of both. I meant its kind of hard to see the borders of the trackpad so the positioning is hard. I thinj if you have a room or poace with good light it should be easy.

Dont know if some kind of pinchers could help, i just installed with bare hands. I tend to be a perfectionist so the two first times were little skewed dor my taste


Don’t worry, with some practice and training… I won’t get easier :stuck_out_tongue. Tweezers won’t help you, might even damage the skin if you have metal ends. Or remove the glue.


One way some put stickers on precisely, is to lightly wet the back of the sticker with soapy water and then you can slide it exactly into place.

Place a couple of tissues over the top to absorb the slight wet and wait until it dries.
It will not affect the glue or sticking ability.

It will stick normally, use a piece of off-cut to practice on something else and see for yourself.

DO NOT USE A LOT OF WATER. Just enough with detergent to make it slippery.

Turn The keyboard OFF to make sure it does not cause a short in the circuitry.

Sign-companies use this method when affixing sticker signs to windows and things. Very few use paint these days.


Does this work with nearly any glue/adhesive, or only certain kinds?


Most adhesives are quite similar and will work
as far as I’m aware.

As I said before try it on an off-cut piece that surrounds the one you are using.

But DO NOT forget the soap/detergent liquid.