26 new looks for your V!


Just watched it…
= uhm… have no hairdryer… :neutral_face: flame of a lighter (applied with safe distance) :roll_eyes: :thinking:
= what is that trackpad- UFO thing please??? :no_mouth: meaning just apply without further worries?



I ordered a Red Dragon skin.

Considering your list, I would opt for Mahagony.


I’ve been using DBrand skins for a couple years - started with my [pre-exploding] Note 7 they are awesome and very forgiving when it comes to application (you can lift and re-stick several times to ensure perfect alignment.

Regarding the UFO - these guys have an awesome sense of humor. Here is a clip (advanced to the correct part) from the installation video for the Note 7 and applying the “camera skin”.


Great to see this becoming a real thing!

Just a thought on this. What if the skins turned around the bottom edges of the V into the bottom side of the body and the inside of the kickstand?

This would add protection for the bottom parts of the device. I never got to understand how resting your device on sharp metal edges against the table (or any surface) is a good user experience and a durable design at all. I can hear from here the scratching sounds your Vs are making!


I believe the part that would wrap around the stand would be worn out really fast. As you mention it is kind of sharp, and rubs against all different kind of surfaces when you use your V. This would leave you with a back piece (as is) and a under-the-kickstand piece, both of which would have jagged and torn edges at the bottom…


Thank you @TristanSchaaf, now I enjoy imagining which choice is nice (just like you often do). I may order 2 skins. If I have 2, I do not have to mind much when I fail in attaching the skin, and all are too nice to select just one out of 26.


RIP my note 7 :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
I always remember you


I ordered the orange skin. I also want to put a sticker in the middle, so far my choices are Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., firebird/phoenix, a scuderia ferrari logo, or even the Apple logo (and install a gray colored theme and go around calling it macbook touch :blush:).


I think you should call it

MacBook Touch

Better EVEn, Than A MacBook Touch


What Apple Should Have Made!


Just wanted to check in with anyone who received a dBrand skin with regards to temp management. Has anyone noticed the V warming up more after the skin application. Really want one, but concerned that the V’s passive cooling may be affected by a skin. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


No experience with the V, but other devices (both passive and active cooling) don’t seem to be bothered by the skin. To be honest, I haven’t tested it but in real world performance I couldn’t find any difference with it. This is from experience from: several phones (Samsung’s with plastic backs, HTC’s with all metal backs and the iPhone X with glass back), three iPad’s and two MacBooks (actively cooled). Not all skins are from DBrand, but they don’t really seem very different in material (vinyl).
It probably impacts the temperature a lot less then a case, since the skin is applied directly to the metal and there isn’t an insulating area of air between it, or thick leather/plastic drop-protecting barrier. And I haven’t heard anyone complain their phone/tablet/laptop has had higher temperatures from a case.

So will it impact the temperatures: Yes.
Will it be noticeable: I honestly don’t think it will.

But some testing wouldn’t be a bad idea to confirm my expectations :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your experience, what I was hoping to hear :slight_smile:


he also said somewhere above:



Thanks and yes. Either way, I do appreciate him taking the time to answer my query :sweat_smile:


Ordering a carbon black one for just the trackpad, definitely not a fan of the skin on the back as dbrand isn’t providing a skin for the sides.


I Ordered on 23. January. My order arrived today in Germany. Email said 15 days.

And I just attached it to my pixel. Now I have an black dragon pixel with coloured G cut out. it looks really good. Now I have to wait for my V to attach the black carbon skin.


If anyone has a V and a trackpad skin applied already, please do report back to the community on response/jumping/smoothness!


I’ve had a Black Dragon trackpad skin applied since Friday. I really like it, I prefer it over the bare the trackpad. Response seems as good as ever. I haven’t noticed any jumping. It is textured, but it is a fairly random pattern so it doesn’t guide your finger in one direction or another. I think the texture might give me better control. Best of all it hides the grease from my filthy fingers!

I’ve had a metal dbrand skin on a phone in the past. That skin has a definite “grain” and I think it would guide your finger in that direction if used on a trackpad.


Hey guys, I’m thinking of ordering the matte black skin for my V. I’d rather order the red or black dragon but since I’ll be using the V for client appointments as well as personal use I’m guessing matte black would be the most professional looking skin.

What do you think?


For the Dragon trackpad do you feel any discomfort from the “ridges” on the texture when sliding your finger over the trackpad? Or is texture not sharp enough to cause any such discomfort? Thinking of getting the matte colored or dragon skin but worried that the dragon skin maybe uncomfortable.