26 new looks for your V!


So we can cover the trackpad with a skin and it’ll still work? Even carbon fiber?


Cool! as many as 26 variations!:+1:
Website tells us best how V looks in detail (V looks better than Eve V website?).
Because my V is not yet come, I enjoy imagining on website. I just stayed for an hour.
Just like @netkid23, I also think about clear/transparent and semi-transparent color. I would like to try printing something on the other side (glue side) if there are transparent ones. Semi transparent or white as base, printed transparent one on top. Too thick?


Would there be heat issues when V has a vinyl skin?


Maybe worth a note to dbrand to see if they did any testing?

Otherwise we’re gonna have to wait until users here post their reviews.


Just bought a red one for my V, but the real question is:
Which model of V Dbrand received?

LTE is on the horizon or it was just a prototype/ a good photoshop example?



  1. no skin available for the back of the keyboard?

  2. Uhhhm, I am in the first flash sale, won’t get the V before March, don’t want to order right now 'cause afraid the skin arrives before the V :joy: sooooooooooo… my question is… will all these skins be still available in March? :thinking::roll_eyes::smirk::neutral_face:


The back part of the keyboard is made of alcantara. No way to use 3m glue to stick the skin on it.
And I think Dbrand also know when all the V will be delivered;)


I don’t see a reason why dbrand would stop producing them.


Lol exactly what I thought!


…if there’s not enough demand… ?


That’s what thought first ad well, but if you zoom in, there’s 2 slots…


I’m a skin enthusiast, so this is great news! I’ve been rocking the Mahogany skin on my MacBook for about 3 years now. It still looks amazing! Only the bottom corners have broken off a little bit. Most likely because of my faulty placement. It doesn’t really feel like wood to be honest, but does look good.

Pictures of the skin



I’ve skinned over 20 devices so far, so if there are any questions I might be able to answer them.

You don’t want a skin there, it’ll get loose way to quickly since there isn’t enough of an area to stick to.

I’ve ordered the “titanium” trackpad skin for my MacBook but never applied it. Responsiveness wasn’t the issue (it was just as responsive as before) but the metal material has vertical grooves which caught my finger and made moving the cursor more problematic then it should be. The “true color” skins also have a little bit of texture, but not in a certain direction.
If you want real wood or stone, go to search for bambooti (although they don’t offer V skins).

So for everyone ( @inffy @Mohammad_Hadi ) trackpad will work, but skins have texture. Albeit for some less then others. In my experience the wood, or at least the mahogany is the least textured.

@xDrako @Kee I’ve had a lot of devices skinned. With fans, without fans. Tablets, phones, laptops, controllers, etc. My experience is there is less of a fluctuation in heat with the skins. It won’t get as cold, nor as hot as without the skin. So it does capture some heat dissipation, I have yet to find any device to actually thermal throttle because of this. It’s mostly beneficial for your own use.

@netkid23 @woku for clear ones you should ask Slickwraps, they have the “naked” skin for devices. As of now, DBrand is the only one with V skins though. They don’t offer these naked ones. DBrand generally doesn’t release new skins that often.

@adt @woku Even if your V won’t arrive for a while, just order it. it’ll take a while to be shipped anyway. It won’t take up much space (just one envelope, about the size of a printing paper but a bit thicker for security). I’ve some spare skins lying around somewhere in my house for when I get bored of my current ones.

I can vow for DBrand by the way. And that it leaves absolutely zero glue residue behind when removing the skin.


I had a true-color on my Nexus once, and that definitely had a texture like sandpaper.


ah good to know. My skins shipped yesterday, they estimate 15days for delivery.

Will check both skins and if they feel bad for the touchpad will just probably throw them away :slight_smile:


I disagree. I don’t think you can sand anything down with that skin :stuck_out_tongue: . It does offer more grip for sure, but I think the One Plus sandstone back is more sandpaper-like. The True Color won’t scratch or scuff anything.


You’re right, maybe some sort of “grip-tape-like-texture-but-more-plasticky” describes it better. It’s not smooth, is what it comes down to. :grin:


I ordered one for the V (black Carbon) And for my pixel (black dragon). My V will arrive march.


Good spotted! Must be a 4G version :open_mouth:

But the more important question:

  • Copper
  • Mahogany

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Help me decide


ok now here are questions, I am not familiar with “skins” at all. (Mahagoni looks sooooo tempting, especially as it is said that the V loves to keep fingerprints on its case…)

  1. How do you apply it? As difficult as a screen protector film?
  2. Somewhere here above I read about glue???
  3. Can you take it of, and if so,
    3a) can you re-use the same skin again or is it done = end of its life; as a screen protector film?


There’s link to a how-to-video at the bottom of the product page. Basically it’s as easy as aligning it and heating the edges for a snug fit. I think there is an adhesive on the back, but you don’t have to apply anything before you put it on and there will not be any residues when it’s removed. But it is one use only, so you can’t remove it and reapply the same skin later.