26 new looks for your V!


Hello Eve Family!

As requested by community, we teamed up with the awesome guys from Dbrand to get some cool new looks and protection for the V. You can read more about Dbrand and get a skin for your V here:


Are you planing on grabbing one? I’ll get one of each as I do tend to scratch my electronics. :smiley:

Eve V Dbrand skin anyone?
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Ha, wasn’t expecting this to actually happen! I’ll definitely take a look.


Ordered mine right away:slight_smile:


hmm, I did recently scratched the back of my V. Luckily an album I bought last year came with quite a lot of sticker, so here’s the temporary fix

(Any NIN fan here?)

I will definitely check out the dbrand skin tho, haven’t use them since Nexus 4 cause I realized I never really drop my phone


Which one did you get ?


This is pretty cool - that the community wanted it, the team worked through it, and now they actually have it!

I was turned off skins, after buying a wet one for my phone and don’t really want to mix water with expensive toys. These seem dry based on the instructions.

Does anyone know what ‘add to kit’ means when you’re picking your skin? I also don’t see any clear ones, right? I mean, I was drawn to the V for it’s dashing sleek and sexy color.


I believe these skins are adhesive, like a tape, but better quality.
As far as the ‘Kit’, it’s mainly for devices that have several areas that can be covered, such as a front, top, left side and right side. You can have each area a different color, or only order a sub-set of the areas, by adding them to the ‘Kit’ for that device. It keeps things together for a device.
They don’t offer a clear, but the matte black would probably be the closest to the V’s color.


Clear isn’t an option they offer, but you could try matte black or black brushed metal.

The skins are adhesive vinyl, similar to what is used to wrap fancy prints onto cars. They’ll stick by themselves (no water needed!) and should not leave any residue when peeled off.


Tho judging by the pics, it won’t cover the area around the USB ports, ie the areas at risk of getting scratches


Though it does cover the back, which would be in contact with any surface you lay the device down on…


You have taked a lot of time to ensure a beautifull color match for the V that i think i will wait for it to be scratch before putting anything that cover it :sweat_smile:



If anyone complains about eve not hearing what his customers want, they can be redirected to this post.

I’m looking and don’t know what to order… XD


Purchased 2 skins, yay!

It’s gonna look gorgeous! :heart_eyes:


Gonna order atleast the Black or Red dragon and maybe something else too :slight_smile:

Too many options to choose from :smiley:


Has anyone experience with vinyl on a trackpad regarding responsiveness? And I guess one would go with a vinyl that has as smooth a surface as possible, so your finger will glide properly. I guess that leaves “stone” or “wood”, right?


I think all the dbrand vinyls feels the same. They just look different. I mean that there is no “texture” on the vinyl.

Someone can correct if I am wrong.


My thoughts exactly :laughing:


NIN fan and that was a great EP :slight_smile:


Ordered one Black Dragon and one Marble set :slight_smile:


But wait a second, I thought that the body case were the cooler, so how does this works since it s not the same density ? Does the cooling still works then ?