24 Hours with the V


So a quick update here after 2/3 months with the V :slight_smile: which is a bit of a response to this thread with those waiting who are concerned about quality…

In terms of my setup have the following:

Eve V with standard Windows 10. I don’t have much software on there other than MS Office, a couple of VPN’s, Dropbox and Cryptomator - good piece of software for those interested in added security for cloud storage. So it’s very lightweight in terms of installed things.

Eve Zipper Sleeve - very cool case, does the job and I like the design.

D Brand Skin - Black carbon back / white trackpad - https://dbrand.com/shop/eve-v-skins

I replaced the Eve screen protector with this one from Brotect there was nothing wrong with the Eve one, but I was trying to figure out why polarised sunglasses made the screen very dark. It’s the anti-reflective coating I think nothing to do with screen protection. However, I do think the Brotect protector is better quality and feels nicer to touch. Unsure on how it works with the pen as I don’t really use it.

I know a lot of people wanted the V to have LTE capability. I guess that would have been handy but I have a Dual SIM phone, One Plus 3T. I never really used two sim’s much in the past but I picked up a data only sim card, found a deal here that gave 12GB for 12 months on Three (only applies to UK users really) this gives me 3G/4G via feel at home in the EU. I used this in Scandinavia recently and it worked like a charm, good download speeds and meant I could use the V outside where Wi-Fi isn’t really an option. Doesn’t seem to drain my battery much either on the OnePlus 3T. I can see 12GB lasting me a few months easily at my current usage as I just avoid doing any sort of heavy uploading or downloading when off wi-fi.

Power Pack / External Charger - I bought a Ravpower USB C one - https://www.ravpower.com/external-batteries.html. Pretty nice form factor/design and works well if you need to recharge when out and about. Although to be honest I haven’t used it a whole lot, I can get 6-7 hours out of the V on the go using it constantly for browsing, content editing etc, web research type stuff. I’ve not actually done a test from 100% to zero but I was sat in a coworking space without any charger for from 11am-6pm recently without really paying attention to battery level and I think it had about 20% left when I finally packed up. I will try to do a full test on this if I remember :slight_smile:

Allaying customer fears about quality

For customers still waiting for the V I’ve noticed a few posting about issues they have seen on the forum and unsure of the quality when they get it. All I can say is since April I’ve not experienced one issue so far - the ports fit like a glove, the hinges on the kickstand are rock solid and no issues with software at all. In fact the only thing I can remember is once when waking up from sleep, the screen seemed unresponsive to the touch, but after tapping the keyboard a few times and alt-tabbing to a different window it worked again. Could be V, or program related who knows, would need to happen every time for me to look into it.

in terms of build quality, it’s top notch. I have an XPS 15 laptop as a daily driver, and the Eve is comparable in terms of feel. I’d recommend a d-brand skin for added protection against inevitable scratches though and it’s helped keep my V in mint condition, With a quick screen clean it would pass for brand new.

So for those worried, I wouldn’t be. Sure there’s a chance you could get a defective unit or problems but they are going to be few and far between IMO. A forum like this is always going to attract complaints/issues as there’s not much motivation to leave something positive, people are too busy doing their day to day stuff on a smooth running V to really have time so from the outside it can read like everyone is disgruntled, that’s not the case, not here at least anyway!

Eve should send out some review invites to customers, asking for a few words about their experience so far that they can publish on the Community or website. They do work…


Thanks for the update. This forum is in need of more real life reviews from past costumers to help us get a balanced view. Right now the people with problems are the ones more active in this forum. Even tough they have all the right to do so, we need more stories from the people that already got their Vs to see how they are doing.


Do you use Mozo zipper case with pen? And if yes, is the pen scratching V?


I have a similar experience as @ethercoin. I god my V at the end of February (missing parts at the end of March). Everything works as supposed. I’m using pretty heavy software and no big issues - ArcView GIS, Visual Modflow Flex, Surfer, CorelDraw, AutoCAD …

Screen is great, responsiveness OK for 2in1 … did not have problems with Windows and their updates.

Now “issues” - battery lasts 6-7 hours (I know - pretty heavy load) which is OK, but a bit less than expected, keyboard is so-so (similar to those at MS Surface Pro). Sometimes sitches between kbd and tablet mode, but nothing serious.

Now problems - almost unusable upper USB-C port (too loose for any serious work) and faulty design of Mozo magnetic sleeve (bought nice sleeve from Amazon).


Have you tried third party cables? In my case, ironically Eve cables work terrible here, but the third parties, whether its a $100 (from work) or a $1 (the one I can actually afford), works quite decent.


I have the pen in the zipper, it doesn’t scratch it. But I do slide it in carefully and make sure the pen is a certain way after reading it can scratch on the magnetic sleeve. No issues in transit, been on flights etc. I believe the zipper might be slightly bigger than the magnetic sleeve, not by much but a couple of cm.


About 10 of them - same issue … When senior technicians from MS and Dell saw it - they said if it is their machine - this will warrant automatic exchange …





The USB-C port troubles were reported cured by cutting the edge of the isolation, permitting the plug to go in a bit deeper and lock.
But you must have seen these post’s already a long time ago I presume.

Did you try it? If this doesn’t work out you are in trouble —>support—>paaaaatience and temper restraint obligatory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What do you think? Yes I did - it is a bit better but still loose and it doesn’t solve problem with USB-C memory sticks …

Support response was that by their supplier everything is within the supplier’s norm … than silence for 4 months …


I had a same type of response for another problem, solved it myself.
If cables are not too tight one could understand such an answer, but if USB sticks don’t work correctly you surely have a point