[22.04.17] Good news to start your weekend!


Hi Guys!

Wanted to show you few cool things we were able to achieve with V now:

###1 V now has lighting screen power on speed of 0.5 seconds :zap:

We know you didn’t like the fact that powering on screen took 4 seconds before. After some tweaking we were able to achieve this :

###2. V takes 6-7 seconds to boot! :rocket:

No bloatware + well optimized system allows us to boot faster than Macs!

###3. Calibrating my V’s screen!

Yesterday we finally got the screen calibrator that will be used for each and evert device to tune it individually. Our default calibration had several visible calibration errors. Now my new calibration is nearly perfect sRGB. After reruning the test I was able to get to 100% sRGB .

###4. Shipping timeline

No update here :slight_smile: Which is good as we are starting mini mass production run next week.

####Have an awesome weekend!

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Community Digest 21.04
Community, we need to decide on V screen calibration
Community Digest 28.04

Lightning screen boost awesome ! :slight_smile:


Oh Heavens we are getting so close now :blush:


Hey just for getting it right @Konstantinos :slight_smile: :
in the Picture we see a lack of read light first and after calibration ist much better ?
also the numbers under the bars are the Overall Screen brightness ?


All excellent news. Happy Earth day everybody :earth_africa::earth_americas::earth_asia:.


Have an wonderful week end. Thanks for this update. Wow 6-7 seconds to boot windows that it’s impressive. Thanks. @mirv. Very happy earth day too every one :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia:


when will there be an update to the shipping Daten? Will there be more delays?


Really made my weekend, I love the updates!

Quick question or two: :slight_smile:
In the screen calibration, it shows a luminance (cd/m^2) of 422.7

Did you have a chance to confirm the average brightness? Is the display closer to 420 nits like the SP4 (which is still pretty bright), or are the displays still targeting 450?


Good news for saving power, and peoples time.

Wich reminds me about THIS quote.

Happy hearth day!

:earth_americas: :earth_africa: :earth_asia:


Good question. Basically uncalibrated first time we got 450 but as calibration makes colors more balanced and takes more blue out brightnes goes a bit down. But to be frank it’s not really visible :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply. That makes sense. You might consider (after everything is done) updating the specifications so that people don’t complain. People get weird about specifications…even if we can’t detect it when we “know” there’s a difference, we get complainy. :slight_smile:

Thank you again - this has been a great experience!


Really great news. I’m especially thrilled by the half second start time. This is exactly what I needed!


Everything about this makes me smile. The screen calibration especially. Will similar process be done for each V? What about dead pixels, btw?

Good work for everyone involved!


Each V will be calibrated individualy just like I did. :slight_smile:


And dead pixels? Because I hate them :stuck_out_tongue:


We will try to our best that nobody gets them :slight_smile:


Please see here (more text)[quote=“Konstantinos, post:1, topic:6417”]
4. Shipping timeline

No update here :slight_smile: Which is good as we are starting mini mass production run next week.


That is impressive! Particularly as my current Asus boots in about 10 seconds, so it is a huge gain over that.

@Konstantinos: Question about a clean install… will I achieve the same results doing a clean install of Windows or would there be anything I have to obey?


faster than a mac… try running a program after you logged in, you can wait easy another 20 sec in windows until something happens, at least when running on bootcamp thats the case. On mac you can start programs pretty much right after the login. Seems like windows has a lot of background stuff running after login, it just pretends to be as fast :wink:


Actually you can use it straight as there is no bloatware to preload :slight_smile:

@exialpho clean install might get some of the stuff off. Like for example screen calibration. But we are trying to make it so that clean install would not affect that.