21 months with the V (was: 14 days with the V, then 3 and 9 months with the V)

I don’t think there is a “right way” and a “wrong way” - in fact if anything, clip facing out is probably the “right way”!

Just that “clip out” seemed to me like it would easily scratch my V, so I did it the other way.

Don’t worry, you’re not weird, inserting it this way feels weird af for me too.


This is the kind of picture I was waiting for in reviews. That’s what makes the BT keyboard a killer feature!


Yes, I had this already several times. Very convenient.

But also my setup with an Logitech Craft and Master MX and to leave the V keyboard resting…


My V is now my reliable work & travel companion. Keeps on working great, but there are some issues (see below). I keep on appreciating the USB ports & screen.

On one meeting a careless participant caused my V to drop from ~40cms onto a carpet covered floor. It landed on its corner, but kept on working. Later I discovered there is a tiny crack on the screen exactly in that corner.

Issues that occurred - or didn’t go away:

  • the fingerprint scanner stopped working, I tried to reset it and read my fingers in again - didn’t work, so I switched it off,
  • the keyboard stopped working when laid flatly on the table (my favorite typing position), it keeps on working when put at the angle against the screen - didn’t investigate it further, used the second keyboard that I had,
  • by now - and probably since I swapped the keyboards - even hibernating the V doesn’t prevent it from waking up inside the sleeve in my bag, now I have to shut Windows down each time I put it into the bag - and this one is positively annoying, especially since I did not change any settings etc.,
  • BT doesn’t work properly on both keyboards that I happen to have - seems it is my bad luck, as some have it working.

Those issues are minor, but annoying, reducing the satisfaction of having a premium device.


I have a BT keyboard which I use with my SP4 (I do not want the Microsoft Keyboard). And it seems to have similar issues, sometimes turning the device on in the bag when it was sleeping… this morning I realized the keyboard was on though I always turn it off. (It has an on-off button which is held 3 sec to do one or the other.) The Surface was down to 60% something… :frowning: though I know it had been fully charged…
I don’t know, I do not trust BT devices fully…


Thanks for the updates, Emin!

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