1TB Shipping Corner


Yoz! Hopefully it’s 2 way sharing!
If the meeting are with separate groups, do check with Microsoft if there are challenges with the supplier of 20hrs laptop. That Q branded CPU seems like another upcoming beast for Eve to use.


Chinese New Year never starts early as you suggest.

The majority of people will make their way to their respective home-towns on or about the 13th and 14th of February at the earliest. Not before, unless they want to lose their job. (I know, as I live in China and I just checked with several others.)

The ones that go to their hometown before that date will be the self sufficient and business owners, the workers will go last, one or two days before the 16th of Februaury.

You also need to consider the production rate should now be considerably higher than before if the case/housing production has been taken care of as was said in an earlier post.

So it is not beyond reason to expect Eve to meet the coming production volume and delivery better than the previous ones.


I wasnt trying to be negative or anything, since I keep little expectations now. I was just sharing this phenomenon and xp, the workers have different timeframe per industry and other parties in the supply chain would affect one another as well, I work with manufacturing and chunyun is something I experienced, its a different scenario for big cities, perhaps that’s your case. (Unless everyone ive worked with in china schemed and deceived me for years) Chinese new year’s eve is on the 15th, for workers working far away from home, they won’t make it if they leave on the 13th or 14th.


@Konstantinos how did the SSDs go from being delivered soon to then being delivered at somewhere that isn’t the production facility (because clearly that’s what everyone thought was meant by being delivered soon) and then needing picking up to you now only having 70%

Also do you have that 70% at production or do they still need picking up?

It’s just really starting to take the piss now imho

As an HEB shouldn’t my housing already be done and if you’ve got the SSDs why isn’t it being made.

It’s frankly just getting stupidly hard to keep track of, it’s like now you’ve got more experience with production and deliveries that you now have less knowledge of when things are actually happening.

It’s just vague which at this stage in the game is just poor management imho


And the excuses might not be worth mentioning but at this point from my perspective at least it’s good customer service to let us know what the latest bulls#*t is that’s causing delays.


I’m just tired waiting and every hope given in past only created anxiety later and many important events where I wanted to use this device are gone and I’m still waiting.



@Konstantinos always at his high n right Spirit !!!

However, there are some external forces that sometimes overrides our high spirit! :slight_smile:


I guess that may mean that shipping will occur after CNY :frowning:


CNY won’t affect shipping as 4px and floship are working on CNY

18.01 One Liner Update

that’s good :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Forgive me if I’m being dumb but is anything being made now? Or are Eve waiting on more stuff (as seems to be the default eve setting)


read all konsta responses on this thread, pretty much looks like assembly process (for housing, 1TB, etc.) is going on now, and mass production will resume post 10th Jan, assembly assessment (NOT PRODUCTION ON 10th). Konsta will write back the actual statuts post 10th JAN.


I think this is where I get confused, what’s the difference between assembly production and mass production? :slight_smile:


assembly process NOT PRODCUTION. :slight_smile:

This is the process, to get all the component (of V) lying in different storage/vendor facility) to the Production site, where tagging, sorting, planning of resource (how many people should be in the assembly line), schedule (how long a single cycle is needed to produce units), batching, QC, and much more work is planned ahead and are determined, this has to be done much before it reaches to Assembly line.


Ah ok, bit shit that it takes them 10 days to pull their finger out :frowning:

Thank you for the help understanding though :slight_smile:


Unfortunately for Eve, Emdoor is also assembling and doing the production for other companies and Eve will have their run fitted into the next available slot. Eve is not their only customer, I guess it takes this time to await the available slot in the production room. It looks like they are doing nothing, there’s not much they can do, until Emdoor is ready.

In the meantime they will no doubt be collecting the various few components.

Last I heard was they were waiting for the next lot of modified cases/housings to be made, and I believe these are now done and ready.

KK has also said they already had your SSD ready to go and I suspect they have all the other components ready to go and in storage anyway.

I am expecting production to take place from tomorrow or Tuesday onwards,


As @Masters888 explained it clearly, what would be the case (and not 10 days with nothing), there are good number of work done, and then there is lag and lead time in any project, you cant help it, and mind you it was already noticed that housing are the top priority for anything to move ahead, and Konsta confirmed that too is no issues and 1TB is already in place, advice to wait for his 10th Jan announcement soon :slight_smile:, enjoy the remaining Sunday holiday for now. :slight_smile:


@Konstantinos … any chance of getting a bit better update on when the 1TB units will be out of production? will start shipping to regional distribution centers? to end-users?


@Konstantinos I understood you were at CES, I hope everything is going well for Eve Tech there, but are there any news to be shared about 1TB units?


Your answer is here,