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I don’t know, but there is not much information flowing in relation to the 1TB shipping updates, regardless if it was HEB or LB.

Any chance that we could track the 1TB information on this thread?

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I’m super interested too. Plus @Konstantinos mentioned they have for now only about 70 % of 1 TB SSDs, how units will be shipped/selected? HEBs first or regional preferences first (like with standard LEB units)?


They will be shipped altogether. Housing started arriving to the factory from yesterday and should all arrive by 10th. Then production will start. We have it pretty quick nowadays and it should not take more than a week to produce. I’ll write more details in limited birds shipping corner.

Update 11.01 on production, CES, Seattle meetup

All the housing arriving by the 10th + 1 week to produce. I hope de won’t fall into the Chinese new year (28 january?). Can we be sure that the shippment will be done before it?


Does this mean that production won’t start before all housings have arrived?


Chinese New Year is February 16, 2018, but you have to add 3-7 days before for travel.


They need housings to complete them - so that’s understandable. I’m more concern about 30 % of missing 1 TB SSDs.


While the Chinese New Year Eve is 5 days and two week ends (total of 9 days) all suppliers start to wind down operations one to two weeks in advance.

In order to give employees time to return home to their families, most Chinese companies close one to two weeks. In addition to closing early, they often remain closed for an additional two weeks after the specific Chinese New Year date. Even after they open, factories rarely have enough employees return in time to produce at full capacity.


I know about it and I hope that EVE team got their lesson from last year’s delay too.


What about schedule after that? Is there any info about FS production timetable?


There is no discussion of shipping after Chinese New Year. We have to be done with production before CNY. All of the people will get 1TBs as ordered.

@jwroczynski once the housings arrive I will have exact schedule.


Just out of curiosity, did you order enough housings to produce the Dec 4 Vs as soon as LB are done or does the factory not have the capacity to store them so we will have to wait for another shipment of housings?


SSD were supposed to be already idling in distributor`s warehouse since m/o-e/o December and only arrive little by little…
Housing were supposed to be there end of last year but are now planned to arrive until the 10th…

I am kinda curious whether the housing batch is only for remaining LB or whether it also covers the next batches.


We did order enough already but we are not yet receiving them as currently limited birds housings are being delivered now. Ill provide update on production as soon as we get exact schedule after all the housings arrived!

@Kuri64 this is the earliest we could get them from our housing supplier. They were few excuses given as to why they did not come in the end of the December but they are not really worth mentioning.

Updates 09.01 + Community Meetup in the US

Yeah - I know - and this is same story with EVE team again and again … they still did not get it …


And same for 1 TB drives I suppose …


We learned a lot. We can’t apply what we learned to extent we wanted yet to the Limited Birds as they were already in the process of production. To be honest most of the key learnings we have are telling us to change up some suppliers. That’s exactly what we will be doing starting from my trip to US next week in which I’ll meet up with Intel, Microsoft and others to review v project and implement action plan regarding suppliers to implement the learnings.


Good to know, but try to work on more “realistic” shipping/delivery estimates too.


Call me optimistic, but I think Konstantinos is already giving conservative estimates above. Talking in weeks rather than days is a classic way to build in a buffer


Even though CNY is in feb, chinese workers will start their yearly Great Spring Migration early, tickets are already on sale, it wouldn’t surprise me if some workers would start their trips soon.