18.01 One Liner Update


Hello Community!

We’ve had an intense trip here in states meeting major partners and seeing what their tech road maps look like for 2019 -2020. Exciting stuff :smiley: We can’t wait ti start talking with you what’s next! Here is the promised update for you!

I will now be traveling with a bunch of connecting flights from Seattle to Finland so I am fully back in the community from Monday!

1. Limited birds & 1TB upgraders

All of the components such as housing and 1TBs have arrived to the warehouse earlier this week.
As planned production has started yesterday and we have already assembled 400+ devices already. We are on track to finish production on Monday 22nd. After production is over we will finalize our QC and packaging after which we will get time for export booked at customs. We are targeting to ship devices from the factory floor out on 26-29 of Jan. Production is going very well and quality of housings, etc is very good so we are not foreseeing any delays!

2. Community Meetup in Seattle

Thank you @bob, @Smyler316, @Skimaster and few other community members for coming to the meetup today! Its always amazing to see you guys in real life! We will make sure to let you know when we are traveling around!

3. Flash sale buyers

Newsletters to subscribers are being sent today. So make sure to check your inboxes. If you didn’t get an newsletter by Monday (Yes it takes time for all of the newsletters to be delivered) with your order shipping dates let us know!

Thank you all for your support!

Is anyone willing to sell me their V?
Update 11.01 on production, CES, Seattle meetup
Community Digest 11.02

You mean [Censored] that should come next year as well as [NDA] the follows right after? That will be amazing for sure!

Jokes aside it’s awesome to see that the production itself is no problem and just getting the supplies can take a bit longer than anticipated.

Also why was I not invited to that meetup? :frowning:


Everyone was invited
It was mentioned here Update 11.01 on production, CES, Seattle meetup

And here

And nice to read that update. Can’t wait to read the flash sale newsletter. Can’t wait to get my V i just gave away my Chromebook as a Christmas gift. Now I only have my pixel for couch surfing


I live in Shenzhen, does that mean I can go directly to get the new V:kissing_heart:


Cool to see that the trip and meetups went all well.

Excited about the upcoming 4th December Flash Sale Newsletter


Ooooooh, the suspense. And I’m happy to say that I still don’t know what the HEB engraving is! :grinning:


@Konstantinos did you have the time to speak to intel in this case about any bios update for the different flaws in their design ?


What issues are you talking about? As far as I know Konstantinos did not talk about that with Intel but other persons inside the team can have more information :slight_smile:


Man really ?
1/ About the intel ME problem from 3 months back
2/ The meltdown and spectre which has to be mitigated in the bios too ! AAND NOT ONLY THE OS! Just check the (finally!) news from the different builders and founder of motherboards which include assembler like DELL too.
3/ the new AMT flaw in intel. Everything can be find on a google search and twitter.

It should be one of the first topic of discussion right now. Not their new telemetry or how much they have been able to miniaturize their process to 7nm ( which we clearly don’t care at the moment since their design are totally flawed)


And plus for our conspirationnist, the Odin’s project in intel ME rumor

Plus the 2 other flaws that will be documented in a month or so by @aionescu on twitter


Me is being actively worked on.
As for meltdown & specter we’re checking it with our partners.
I’ve not read up on the Amt flaw - care to link to it please? :slight_smile:


Thanks you ve reassured me a bit :slight_smile: at least you are on top of it.
It’s been discussed in our infosec security forums at this very moment


Thank you very much!

And here’s a bit more elaborate version:

We’re working to integrate ME 11.7 in the BIOS - we have it running inside Windows it seems (at least when checking the device manager). I’ll later test if that fixes it for Windows.

For Spectre/Meltdown we’re checking with our partners how/when to employ the fixes. As far as I know Meltdown should be caught by OS update and Spectre relies on an FW fix - however only Spectre V2 is fixed - please correct me if I’m wrong there.

For the AMT I’ll check - but all of this will likely result in a huge BIOS update :smiley: Especially since we’re looking to also include battery life improvements and audio improvements there as well xD


Hmm… Only shipped out from factory to 4PX on Jan 26, that will mean Chinese New Year is gonna be hard to get my V :frowning:


So I’ve been fairly bitter here lately. But that’s a great update to read, hopefully the delays are behind us.


As far as I know CNY does not affect the shipping :slight_smile:


I think it was said that 4PX wont be affected by CNY.


I know yeah only variant 2 is capable to be more or less mitigated for the moment.
At least you have a follow-up on the situation.
How does work the bios update on the V? is it like in asrock motherboard through an internet connection to an online repo, or will you implement it through a firmware updater process under windows only?


That is great news to hear the BIOS will receive a huge update.

Hope this desired Battery Function would be integrated soon too:


So, about how many 1tb computers need to be made before starting to ship?
22 is D-day and all but just curious
I’m happy to hear 400+ are already made