[15.05.17] V entering production and taking the stage at Computex



As @exialpho mentioned they are tested with an extremely high resolution camera. Some will undergo the aging test but the Vs that we receive won’t, we don’t want to have artificially aged screens in our devices.


Online store will probably go live in july.


So they can guarantee but issues happen sometimes everywhere.


While I would understand if aging test is not possible to be done on all production unit, I honestly prefer to have a display that has survived around a month of normal use (3 days of aging test?), than a brand new one.

From my experience usually defects show up in the first couple of weeks, and such kind of aging test would easily get rid of all the possible defects, which would turn into a very costly warranty claim.


Even though aging tests are a good way to get an indication of a device’s resilience to wear or to show issues that may crop up after some time of use, these devices are run well outside their spec during tests like these. And while it shows what state certain parts are in after weeks or months of use in mere hours or days, it can also introduce other issues that may not necessarily affect the aging test results, but will definitely reduce the lifespan of the device. It’s a destructive kind of research, and you really don’t want to buy a new device that has been so abused.

All displays are tested one way or another on the way in, and each and every V goes through one to two days of quality control testing before it ships. The devices you guys get will be amazing.


There is no way for EVE to know what causes the yellowing, if the supplier does not tell them (They don’t have the time, resources, money nor obligation to reverse engineer the panels.). And Even if they are told they might not be able to tell us since it can be a problem with a step of the IGZO display manufacturing process that is under a NDA.

The only reassurance you usually get is that if there is some defect you have the guaranty of 1 year for claiming. (2 in EU ) EVE goes a step beyond that, making sure that all components undergo rigorous tests. They could have easily believed the provider and ship the Vs with the new panels without looking into them.


Pardon us whiney bitches, the natives are restless and the delivery dates are near.

Folks in the first batch, be thankful that you get yours first, don’t worry about how long someone else has to wait. Manufacturing is a process, it doesn’t happen in one fell swoop but rather in small batches. I don’t think the V team wants to warehouse manufactured PCs, they would rather get them out as soon as they are assembled and quality assurance tested. And all of us who have pre-orders would appreciate that, whether we are number 2, 500 or 2000.

I suspect that the EVE team will be shooting to beat the 6/10 date because they are on stage with Microsoft from 5/30 - 6/03, but I know they cannot commit to unforeseen surprises. They are counting on others in the supply chain to have the same high enthusiasm that they have , and that is unfortunately rare. That is the reason they had the display issue. Other manufacturers would have said, we’ll fix it in warranty, counting on many people rather angry but not angry enough to go through the warranty process. I don’t think that is true with this group, but I could be wrong, and I am glad the EVE team is not testing that hypothesis.

I ask the EVE team to think about a couple of things now because they will be asked most probably at Computex, namely,
1 - What is unique about the V
2 - How they are going to maintain the Vs
3 - Why did you choose a Y processor rather than a U processor (aka, why was fanless important)
4 - Do you see much of a performance difference from those 2 in 1s that went with a U processor
5 - When can I order one
6 - What will come in the box when I order it
7 - Do I pay a deposit or pay in full
8 - Can I track my order once I put in a deposit or pay in full
9 - And some easy questions (kinda easy)
A - Why did you use crowdsourcing to design the V
B - What challenges did you have to reach the delivery of the V
C - What is next

I suspect it might be a good idea to create a separate topic in the community to help the EVE team with questions we suspect will come up so that they can be prepared when press and analysts approach them to pump them for information.

And I suspect it might be a good idea to having the web store page available with some sort of coming soon message so that you can point folks to the web store from Computex. That way you could show it and let whoever asks know when it will be opened for orders. HP, Apple, Dell and Lenovo would have a coming soon web store in anticipation of such an event, particularly since the attributes of the machine are readily available.



I’ve had two SP4s that had screen yellowing. It’s not just an EVE thing - even top tier/mega-corporations fight through this.


Just buy a Spyder screen calibration kit to get rid of it.


This is actually an entirely separate issue from screen calibration (also, the V will be calibrated in the factory already, if I’m not mistaken). In any case, the issue stems from parts of the screen yellowing, ie yellow bands across the screen. You may be able to minimize it by adjusting the color profile, but then you know the normal portions out of color balance too.


I like this post, basically, V is going to compete with the new Surface Pro at the event for eyeballs and if this rumor is anything to go by, it’s really likely that Eve could receive much more attention before long and thus there is benefit to thinking of the questions and resources needed real soon!


My understanding is that everything they wanted to do counted on much more battery power, so it was a push. The first entry into solid state batteries, was Dyson (link to the article detailing their acquisition of SATIK3 - http://fortune.com/2016/08/27/dyson-battery-development/ ), but they backed a horse different than what seems most promising and they abandoned their investment (link to article detailing their abandonment of the SATKI3 patents - https://qz.com/948041/dyson-sakti3-tesla-battery-patents/ ).

I assume that Microsoft was counting on this coming to fruition for the Surface Pro 5 (a lot of conjecture here) but with the glass based solid state battery designed out of the University of Texas (which triples capacity and shortens the charge time by an order of magnitude - link https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/245490-new-solid-state-battery-chemistry-glass-electrolyte-same-guy-pioneered-lithium-ion-cells ), taking an inferior product to market made no sense. I can only assume that Dyson (another conjecture on my part) will try to buy the patent in the new battery or license a deal to commercialize the glass based solid state battery, which will give them an all day charge for their cordless vacuum, and an all day + charge for a Surface type device with a 4K screen.

All that being said, I suspect we will see a surface Pro 4 with a Kaby Lake upgrade. Of course, Microsoft could be very bold and commercialize a solid state battery (if they did it would be the Dyson class battery) but I doubt that.


@iKirin whilst I appreciate the date moving back a week doesn’t matter to some people I am sure it does to others.

When I backed this device as one of the Hyper Early birds all I needed was to ensure it arrived before Mid June. That date now looks at threat and a week or two makes the difference between me finding someone to take my place and buying another device.

I need a portable device for a month away and if I need to go buy another one it would be a real shame.

I know this is a risk with any new device but I allowed plenty of time for delays and now I might need to back out.


Well shipping should start on 10th and DHL takes 1-3days to deliver so you should get it by mid of June.


Where are you getting slippage info from?
I looked at the info and 5 days ago the EVE team was waiting for the screens and I don’t think we heard any status since then.

My understanding is they want to test the screens for a quality control check, then if passed (very much hopefully) then the screens and the batch 1 Vs sans screens and the screens will go for connection, then quality checked again by the EVE team and then finally distributed world wide.

Since more screens will be delivered than are necessary for the first 500 PCs (I believe the number was 5000), immediately following the distribution of Batch 1, batch 2 will commence from passing screens out of the 5000 (and help us all if the failure rate is 90%, meaning all that was usable was 10% of the 5000, that is reason for alarm to us all).

Upon fulfillment of all pre-orders, the webstore will open. On the outside, it is estimated that this will occur approximately 30 days from fulfillment of batch 1.

Guys on the EVE team, did I misalign anyone or state anything incorrectly?


I’m hoping shipments start bit earlier…

It’s 5/20 and for the initial order they need to prepare 500. If the ship on 6/10, that means it took 20 days to assembly 500 units (minus the screen preparing time to bond the touch screen).

Assuming ~200/day (that would be roughly one month (of working days) to build 4500). So it should only take 2-3 days to get the initial product build (assuming my estimates are close).

I’m not counting on getting the orders early, just thinking it should get sent out faster…


Actually they’ll first send the screens to optical bonding, done by someone else, then assemble the devices and then do the quality check.


Hi @iKirin I want to make sure again, you ship out Eve V on June 10th right?
In the shipment of goods to Asia (to Indonesia) whether you use DHL only or there is services other than that?
In my country DHL faces obstacles in calculating taxes, and sometimes taxes are not reasonable with applicable regulations And I have to pay more. So I want to change the shipping service. Is it possible?


Changing shipping service won’t be possible.

The current plan is to ship the first hyper early batch on 10th of June


so you can shipping my eve only with DHL? or you can send with UPS or fedex?