[15.05.17] V entering production and taking the stage at Computex



The original dates were just very optimistic.


@tominko - well, whole situation is not a usual shop experience and you are not the first who perceive it that way. You are supporting a start-up (or a small company) who are promising you to !develop! a great product and ship it to you when its done. So getting this product into your hands is just a small part of the process you are involved with. And you didnt buy the product, you supported a process with a product as a result. So even talking about such thing as “money back” … is unreasonable. If project goes bad - your money is gone. And mine. And all of ours. Like an investment. Just in this case, you get an actual product, not shares.

You dont go to a company you invested in and say - look guys, you didnt get me my return on investment i expected, actually there is a minus, so get me my money back. :slight_smile:


It will propably fill my need :slight_smile:

I just want something nice to take with me to trips and events, and not needing to take my whole laptop with me.


Instead, would you instead be satisfied with a display that develops yellow stains after a week, and a speaker that sounds similar to the Acer W700 (according to one of the prototype testers) thats best described as:

Audio quality is poor when the tablet is used without the dock. There’s simply not enough volume to satisfy and what audio does comes through has a tinny quality.


they sound decent; decent for a tablet, that is

Please keep in mind that a delayed well-build product is always better than half-assed rushed one. Just look at the game industry. If youre the manufacturer, you can, of course, ship a product as soon as possible, but if you know that your customers are going to get sub-par experience, then why would you?

(source: https://www.digitaltrends.com/tablet-reviews/acer-iconia-tab-w700-review/ https://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/review/acer/iconia_w700_windows_8_tablet/458428/)


Very well written. I know everything about this. But I just wrote what I feel about this situation. That´s all :wink: It´s just a long time.


that reviewer either doesn’t know shit about sound or got a defective unit. My W700 can play a youtube video 3 meters away from me while a kitchen exhaust vent is running at full power right next to my ears, and I can still hear that video perfectly without any problem. As for quality, it’s better than pretty much anything portable. Including gaming laptops. Excluding headphones, because those are a totally different category of products. It is “tinny” when listening to from a distance, but it’s a small device and shouldn’t be used from that distance. And you just can’t expect anything better in such a small form factor, not even in the most expensive tablet.


Thats not the point of my post, the point is the V could be improved in a much better fashion than if they just simply shipp it with a lot of missing potential.

(but sure, everybody got a defective product except you)


Computex is scheduled May 30 - June 3. I would suspect that all hell will be broken loose to have a significant number of orders in fulfillment prior the keynote of Computex. The messaging is very strong if that is the case, much stronger than “we should be going into fulfillment in a week” because there is room for interpretation in that statement, there is no room in "we have fulfilled x% of our pre-orders obtained through our crowdsourcing campaign with the rest being fulfilled over the next y days.


No idea why you’re replying to me and no idea what’s your point. The web shop will be open in July and I see nothing wrong with that, if people want to order it now, they can sign up for the newsletter :slight_smile:


I don’t think that there is anybody who is making joyful leaps INCLUDING THE TEAM after regognizing that the screens are defective. But you have to consider that you are the one getting a V with this awful yellow stripes in it. Once more I can tell you that I’m disappointed, too. But I did understand every decission the team made until now. Even I wanted to get my V earlier.
But if you want to buy a nearly phase out model with the surface pro 4, than you have to go for it. As you know, it is just a matter of time until Microsoft will brings out the surface pro 5. But as you also know: Before you’ll get that one you’ll easily get the V.


I am always, although by now I shouldn’t, how so many people want instant gratification, and little appreciation or understanding. What it took to produce the “E” is truly epic. I am so totally astonished and so grateful, that I did not give in to temptation and sell my early bird. Signing off as, “in total awe”.


I am still waiting for a technical explanation on what causes the “yellow stripes” problem in the display screen. I also don’t understand why EVE is choosing a display screen manufacturer that cannot guarantee a very high rate of non-defective screens. The fact that EVE decided to order 5,000 screens to make sure that they can avoid obviously defective display screens screens is worrying - because it is seemingly possible that the “yellow stripe” problem may only become apparent many months after purchase and it may not be apparent at the time of screen assembly.



so eve V ready by 10th June.that is amazing Where can pre-order my device i have been waiting for this past three months or atleast will there be a online store for ordering??


There will be an online store it should open in July.
But if you suscribe to the Newsletter you will get an E-Mail when it is opened.


That’s what aging tests are for :slight_smile:


I’m afraid the shipping address of te V ordered is in need of change. How ?


Drop an email to EVE support at support@eve-tech.com


Please shoot a PM to @Team with your name & which address to change to :slight_smile:


Is there substantial scientific evidence that the “aging test” is a very reliable test that will significantly eliminate the possibility of a “yellow stripe” problem happening many months after purchase? Also, are each of the display screens going to be individually tested with the “aging test” prior to assembly?



The statement of Eve is that each screen will be tested with special equipment to ensure that no yellow stripe syndrome exists.
Furthermore, there are only few companies that can deliver the quantity Eve will need. Even less when it comes to Eve’s quality standards. That’s why I’m happy that the issue was addressed and not just compensated to stick to the planned timeline. Eve does receive Tier A quality was the message.