[15.05.17] V entering production and taking the stage at Computex



He said no bad news and he was right… This is nothing new, nobody ever said the two batches would be shipped together :wink:


@Team Can you tell us the final weight of the V?


I think a countdown for the V shipments is in order. I am way too excited to get mine :grinning:


Apple won’t release anything new to their lineup unless you count a little possible spec bump


@Helios: Great answer and everything is okay for me - although I have to amid that I also feel a little bit disappointed because now it is clear that I cannot expect my V before the July holidays…

But another point that is still not clear is the 30 days thingy:

I thought it was a promise to the Hyper Early birds that the second batch people get theirs 30 days after the hyper early birds - but now it seems that depending on how the production goes - some of the second batches go out 10,15, 20 days.
So the second batch is not send out when all are produced but piece by piece or at least in smaller batches. Or do you wait until all second batch Vs are produced and send them out?

Another thing: We all want Eves’ success - wouldn’t it be better to open the webshop right after the Computex and then say that they have to wait another six weeks until the Vs are in stock? I mean then you can really generate the best out of the publicity given to you by the Computex show… At least I would not mind.


Never again will I believe a crowd funded initial schedule. I’ll just assume there will be at least three months plus of delays as there always are in every single campaign I’ve ever seen or funded.

I am very excited for my V to arrive and hope everything goes as planned! Thanks for being transparent and updating us regularly it is always a joy to be a part of new things as they are born.


Thanks for the wonderful news! Can I just clarify something? I have opted for “Reserve Eve V i7 Limited Bird” so does that mean I will only get my V in the second wave after the first wave for hyper early birds that is currently estimated to ship in June?


That’s correct. (20 letters)


Schedules on Indegogo and Kickstarter are commonly ambitious, there are always surprises in groundbreaking products and some never make it to market. You have to weigh the risk against the reward and be willing to help steer the product you are backing to be something that best serves your, and hopefully, everyone else’s needs.

There is no magic to it, I have not seen a schedule for anything that held true, it is just the nature of the beast, there are too many unknowns at the start of a campaign to lock in a schedule to something realistic, plus most of the folks obtaining funding through Indegogo and Kickstarter are entrepeneurs, not professional project managers, which makes the estimates normally ground in hopes and dreams. You have to be willing to accept the fact that you are assisting in bringing something to fruition that matters and not that the schedule promised has no ground in reality.


That being said, the slippage on the V is in line with real projects, which is a real kudo to the EVE team. I know there were slippages due to Paypal and component issues, but that happens on all projects. The EVE team put quality first and held true to the insistence that a quality product came out at the back.

An old adage to project management is that all projects are akin to a three legged stool, you have quality, time and funding that you can control, you can control 2 of the 3 but never all three. The EVE team was held tight on funding and put quality first, meaning that time had to give a little when surprises arose.


I think some people are maybe referring to this quote from the previous update (when the screen issue was first brought up) “There might be possibility to get Limited birds (2nd batch) produced earlier as we have more time to prepare materials for the whole quantity”. I understand the “might” and “possibility” jargon being used is not definitive and so that is in no way a promise, but why mention it at all then? Especially when you talk about how Eve wants to remain cautious about getting peoples hopes up and mentioning unrealistic timelines. Little bits and pieces like this should either not be mentioned at all or be held to. It’s probably the lack of consistency that is causing confusion. I understand there’s a lot to learn along the way, I’m just trying to help point out some of the possible reasons behind the confusion people are having around the shipment of the second batch. As a consumer, when a company produces a statement like this and then goes back to the original wording of the campaign (which dates back to I think November now), it is a little frustrating and I for one would prefer not to be told about this “possibility” at all if it’s just a pipe dream. I completely understand there are issues beyond your control, and appreciate the transparency when those issues arise, but please try to be consistent then when it comes to this sort of thing.


I have to say, on the one hand I appreciate the effort and the update however with the screens now being sent to the company on the 10th June (what happened to May??) plus build time and testing, then packing and shipping then the same for the second run! If I see mine by August down here in Oz I’ll be amazed and to be honest I have to say I am very disappointed.
My patience is rapidly running out.


Nah I think you misread it. The screens have already been sent to Eve and will arrive sometime this week. The testing will start once they got the screen and the production will start afterwards. 10th of June is the estimated date the first batch of V got sent to the shipping partner.


Yep I miss read it. Thanks for the pick up Zhang_Xi :slight_smile: I’m on the second wave so it’ll be a short while after that before it ships if all goes well. The question will be how long?


That’s been answered above, take a look at Helios’ post:


Me too, I am very disappointed about schedule. I think that we will receive second batch in august, if it goes well.

Sorry guys, I need new PC for my work, and I really very very disappointed. If it went, I would want my money back. And go to US to buy some surface product. :rage::triumph::dizzy_face:


Where did you get that August timeline? You should still receive it in July as stated


Based on previous experience. You will see :wink:


Considering the new update, I am still getting mine soon after 10th of June :slight_smile:


Yeah, it´s great, but are you satisfied after waiting for 4 months?

I also look forward to my V, but it´s a long time :neutral_face: