[15.05.17] V entering production and taking the stage at Computex



Hopefully they can hold the timeline for the hyper early birds :grinning: otherwise i will have to get a macbook :sweat:


I get that it’s more than likely going to be early-mid July before the Early Birds are sent, but would you mind clarifying “Early birds in batches of 500/30 days between batches”. Are you saying that the Early Birds will be in batches of 500, with 30 days between each batch?


As far as I know, the current plan is to ship the entire second batch in one go.


That’s good to hear, thank you…


I’m unsure whether this is fair or not (we shouldn’t have been so confident in the initial release date for a crowd-developed device), but perhaps since there have been so many delays and since many people were relying on having the V by a certain time, the Hyper Early Bird’s lifetime discount could be increased from 5% to maybe 10% The closer we get to Q3 2017, the less our investment is worth (newer chips will be released by Intel).

Best of luck to having them ready in early June, I’m certainly excited!


What kind of new chips ?
Cannon lake will be at most 15% faster than kaby lake in the sysmark bench which doesn’t reflect IPC gain.


The new Coffee Lake chips will be 15% faster, which is the same difference between Gen 6 and Gen 7, but yeah you summed it up pretty well.

Edit: Coffee Lake is for the H and U series chips, Cannon Lake is for Y, my mistake, however I still expect the difference to be the same as Gen 6 to 7.

My thoughts were that if Eve was able to hype the “new Gen 7 chips” as a selling point, then the same could be done for Gen 8 (even considering the small improvement to the previous generation).


I think this group would appreciate a weekly snapshot of where things stand. It can be a simple posting as follows:

                  #   of Vs                               First Batch            Second Batch         eStore Orders

Order waiting for manufacture
Awaiting some components
All components Manufactured
Components ready for Assembly
Ready for Distribution
Final QA Check
Left for Distribution

I think the group would like to see an assembly line of information like this would show and also see how many Vs are in the hopper and watch the eStore build momentum



Good news!
Does anyone know when I will be able to regularly order one?
I will start to study in September… Would be quite nice to have one, especially if MS fails to present Surface PRO 5.



If you want it until september then something needs to go severely (severely severely) wrong for that to not work, I think :slight_smile:

My estimate (not official in any way) is that the shop will open sometime in July or beginning of August (latest). Then you’d just have to be fast in case there are many people doing orders :wink:

But following the news here and getting their newsletters should be enough to stay up to date to know, when the shop will open :slight_smile:


Excellent news :clap::grinning:


A great and complete update as always. Thanks again for being really professional and responsive. It’s something that needs to be mentioned and praised as, more often than not, crowdfunded projects are seriously lacking in the communication/update department.

There is a drawback to this professionalism and to the quality of the product you’re going to deliver:
And the closer we get to production and delivery the more painful is the agony of waiting.

Keep up the great work. And the great communication.


Thanks for your estimation, it´s a great help ; )


The two quotes seem contradictory as we were given to understand the delay was to be used to prepare more Vs in order to minimize (as in diminish) the time between the first and the second batch.
No longer than 30 days kinda means 30 days (or best in the late 20 neighborhood.

Anyway, thanks for the heads-up. And honestly, for the first time, I’m kinda disappointed, as the other times I could understand the reasons for the delay and the silver lining. This time… not so much


All of the team - great stuff! And the communication is to the point. Whole family is most eager to get their paws on it.


Great news. Thanks for the videos and test updates. Congrats on getting funds unfrozen. That’s got to be a huge relief. I’m looking forward to getting my V!


It’s a lot of numbers, that someone will need to keep track of and update regularly to have there be any point in sharing them with the community. Wouldn’t you rather that time be spent making sure the Vs are ready?

Also, a lot of these steps don’t help in determining when you’ll get your V. The first batch won’t ship until they are all done – it’s quite a hassle to ship things internationally at this scale, so keeping the amount of shipments down saves time and money. There could be 498 Vs ready to ship, but they won’t budge until number 499 and 500 have passed quality control.

So in the end, what is the one interesting statistic for the community? “Left for distribution”. And that will go from 0 to ‘the whole first batch’ in one go.

It’s like staring at a progress bar in Windows. It’s speed varies, you have no clue how long is left, and you can’t do anything anyway until the task is completed. Staring at the bar just makes it seem to take longer…

The web shop should open up around the time the second batch ships, so that’s in the ‘no longer than 30 days after the first batch’ time frame. Of course they’ll need to be manufactured before we can ship any more Vs, but production should be on a roll by then. Unless things go horribly wrong, you should be able to hold your very own V by September!

The second batch shipping about a month after the first has been the estimate since the time of the IndieGoGo campaign. So that still being the case is in no way bad news, it’s things going as planned. Once the first batch is done, the second batch still needs to be manufactured, tested and packed, and we’re talking about a batch that is much larger than the first. There is no artificial delay here whatsoever: everyone’s getting the V as fast as we can manage.

The only recent delay we’ve come across is the issue with the displays, and I hope you understand that bad displays are a valid reason for delay. There has been no additional delay since then.

Do you know what happens when we tell you there’s an announcement coming on Monday? People start asking what’s keeping the announcement, Monday morning at nine. A lot of people are very anxious to get a product that they invested a lot of money into and are looking forward to using.

If we tell you “the first batch of Vs will ship on the 16th of Tarsakh, 1492 DR”, you’d be disappointed if the shipping confirmation didn’t come until the 17th. If we tell you it’ll be there the 16th, and we end up shipping on the 14th, I don’t think anyone will be disappointed.

We are careful with our promises, because we do not want to promise things we can’t deliver on. That also means we’re not going to name a date until we know we can hit it. A lot of things are being done to get the V to you as fast as we can. And as soon as we have set a date, we’ll share it with you, since we know it’s probably the most precious gem of information we can give you right now.

I’d also like to remind you, that if this were a ‘normal’ company, you’d be getting the first carefully controlled press releases by now that tell you the product even exists. Maybe an announcement that you can pre-order it and get it in August. Why August? Because it’s a nice and safely buffered date that we’re sure to reach well in advance, and it’s just in time for the ‘Back to School’ shopping season. And then you wouldn’t hear anything. Anything. Until it ships.

We’re not, though. We’re living on the edge. We change plans if we think we can do things better, or faster, or better and faster. That means that sometimes, we don’t know exactly how long it’ll take to get to the finish line. We know it’s there, and we’re constantly speeding towards it. And as soon as we see it in the distance, we’ll have an accurate estimate of how long it’ll take to get there.

And you’ll be the first to know about it.


That sounds just so much of wasted time. Time that the team can use to do something actually profiting.

Nice idea, but still waste of precious time.


I get that, and I “liked” your comment but when I placed the order on indiegogo (having just missed the hyper) it said (if I remember correctly) march/april so I personally would have preferred the solid date strategy applied when placing the reservation, rather that the three months delay we are looking at now (again the screen totally justifies at least a month of delay)


I am looking forward to receiving the V, and hopefully this irons out the kinks in future product releases. TBH, by the time we receive the V, Microsoft/Apple will probably release newer products. The main reason why I backed the V was to have the latest tech with high specs. Not necessarily buyer’s remorse, but food for thought considering this is a 6 month+ investment. If it encounters another production hiccup, I’m going to ask for a refund and just buy a device from my local Microcenter.