[15.05.17] V entering production and taking the stage at Computex



Please get here before June 30th! :sweat: Oh well, at least I don’t think I’ll have to change the shipping address if it’s after that, I’ll just have to wait another 5 months before I get a good chance to test it out with extended notetaking :slight_smile:

Really exciting news guys. I can’t wait! So glad to hear you guys are prepared for additional contingencies with the screens this time around, sounds like things should go smooooooth


A pile of good news! Thanks @Konstantinos for keeping us posted!
I truly hope that the screens do not show any defects and you’ll be able to bond without holdup, also that the production will run smoothly… Mid June is my hope to hold the V in my hand… that is 4 weeks from now, including all the stuff to be done and the shipping. That would be exciting and I guess once holding it in my hand I will be compensated for the delays, the wait, the suffering of every bad news, the happiness of every good news (but in parallel again the wait)… I believe we’ll get a truly great device and will all be very happy with and about it!


Great post @Konstantinos. Thanks for keeping the community updated and to all the Eve team for making sure V rocks. Fantastic news that Eve V will feature in Microsoft’s keynote at Computex. I’m travelling from June 6th-14th so expect my hyper early bird Eve V will be a nice home coming present.


Thank you for all the good news! you made my day konsta :smiley: keep it up! can’t wait for the v … before end of june i hope i can hold my V


That is great news thank you very much for your effort @Team!
And thank you @Konstantinos, the videos of the V testing are great!


That was worth waiting till TUESDAY ;-). Thank you @Konstantinos for the good news. It’ll be great if you would be able to get us an estimate shipping schedule.


Good point dudes!

See schedule updated in the post!


YAY!!! I like only good news posts, even if you are made to wait for it… :wink:
Congratulations for all the @Team.
I can’t wait to have my V in a few weeks time. :tada:


Thank you, it’s appreciated :slight_smile:


These updates are awesome! :smiley: Thank you @Konstantinos and rest of Team for all your efforts toward perfecting the V to the highest standards!

The wait between IGG campaign backing and expected product delivery has been somewhat long (because I can’t wait to have the V in my hands :wink: ), but seeing all those tests passed and hearing that 110 issues/bugs were solved, makes it clear that time was spent in the most useful way.

I am glad that you did not rush to deliver the product, I completely support your choice and strain toward perfection! :+1:

[details=P.S. Side effects of “Test V has gone through…”
]Anyone else feeling an impelling urge to start weightlifting and/or abs training hard after watching the Kickstand life test? :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:



Holy sh**. What a hard drinking device. I’m sure with an 95 % Alcohol Test it will easyly stand another real hard test: The October Fest one. There might be an upcoming New Bavarian. The V :-))


My first post here. Very mixed feelings. Elated to receive a device that is being carefully crafted. But the time lines are frustrating at best. I’m to receive the device in the second rung of dispatches. Hope the have the device by mid June.


to celebrate the update, I’ll “test” myself with a 43 % gin (and tonic and cucumber) in the evening :beers: :sweat_smile:


By the way. As an accessory we badly need a Lederhosen for the “V” then. Would you please ask MOZO, if they are doing in Lederhosen, too?


You probably mean mid July, because the first batch will be sent on June 10, and there will be a month delay (maybe a bit shorter) between the w batches.


Great update, thanks @Konstantinos and the whole Team !!
Really looking forward to that bug fix list you were mentioning, and of course to my V :wink:

One follow up question: Has there been made a decision on how you will handle the second batch? I remember a discussion about producing all, then shipping VS. producing in 500 unit steps and shipping those directly, which would result in different arrival times for the sub-batches. If so, what determines the order?


This is the sort of testing I expect from Finnish company.

I expect it was meant to be 40% alcohol, but there was a bottle of home-distilled spirits left over from the previous evening :stuck_out_tongue:


As they said earlier, they will ship hyper early orders first because people pretty much stood in queue to get them. To some people that was at night. They also mentioned the interval between batches would be a month, but later said it could be shorter.


Hyper Early birds first (Around 10th of June if maths did not fail me) , then Early birds in a single batch (And not of 500/30 days between batches, wich was the original plan, but since the display problem they had extra time to optimize the workflow so in theory it could be faster than that), Online Shop is set to public for the rest.

EDIT: Clarification to avoid confusion.


Really glad that @Team came through on the screens! And jeez that was a lot of rigourous testing (But makes me happy to know that the V is going to be very durable). Now I’m ready for my V to be here. (Throws MacBook)