[15.05.17] V entering production and taking the stage at Computex



Hi guys!

I am really excited to write this update. As this time I have good news only and no bad news! :tada::tada::tada:

###Short summary first

V is entering production in a few weeks time as the screens arrive to our warehouse. The current schedule is that V’s first batch will be fully produced and sent to shipping company by 10th of June. Also V will be in Microsoft’s keynote at one of the biggest tech shows, Computex in Taipei. Additionally we are excited to tell you that all of the issues reported by prototype testers and discovered by our team have been fully fixed and will not happen in production!

Read more to find out about:

  • Nothing is preventing us from producing Vs! How we manage to resolve our problem with LCDs
  • Update on bugs & hardware issues
  • Vigorous tests that V has gone through
  • Latest update on PayPal situation
  • Some cool videos from China

Let’s jump straight into the details!

###1. Shipping schedule

As we have mentioned in the previous update displays we received from our suppliers were having a large amount of defects. That has caused a delay as we had to ship defective screens back to get new screens without quality issues. I am happy to say that this problem has been now solved!

New screens from our vendor are arriving to our warehouse this week! They have assured us that there was a mistake on their quality check process last time and this time screens will have top notch quality. As a backup plan to ensure we will not have any delays again caused by quality problems we have agreed that our supplier will ship us 5000 screens, and in case we have issues with the defect rate we could pick screens without quality issues for the first batch of devices to be produced.

After screens arrive we will inspect them with special equipment and send them to our touch panel supplier for direct bonding. That process will take around a week after which touch panels will arrive to our factory and we will start the assembly process immediately!

After V’s have been assembled we will spend 1-2 days for quality inspection and individual screen calibration to make sure that after all the wait you get an awesome device!

Schedule for the second batch is as before and deliveries will not take longer than 30 days from first deliveries.

###2. Bugs & Hardware issues

This is a short one. You can’t imagine how happy I am to say that 100% of all known issues and bugs have been fixed!!! :tada::tada::tada:

All of the issues discovered by @Prototypetester and our team have been successfully resolved! Things like headphone jack static, track pad click noise, keyboard prints misalignment and many more are gone!

Here is short video of us fixing headphone jack

When we started the DVT1 stage we had over 100 open issues. 110 to be exact :smiley:
We will share the list of bugs & hardware issues we have fixed after sometime. As currently many of the issues are under NDAs with our vendors.

Cheers :beers: guys!

And special thanks to all of the prototype testers as you have brought up some of the issues we would have not noticed!

###3. Tests V has gone through

We have done a lot of improvements after stress tests of our device. Most of the time in development is actually spent testing newly implemented features and functions. Below you can find some of the tests V had to go through! V has passed all of the tests below!

(RF frequency test)

Button lifetime test

Power and volume button is pressed 30, 000 times each. Vs buttons work just fine. They did get a little bit softer :slight_smile:

Kickstand life test

In the latest test Vs kickstand was opened and closed 15,000 times. After the test V’s kickstand lost only 15% of force required to open it without getting loose.

Kickstand is tested with a machine like this.

Port lifetime test

USB C and USB A ports had connector plugged in and out 5,000 times each. Headphone jack 3000 times. Ports worked well after the test.

Connector Thrust Test

The goal of this test is to ensure that a USB port is not broken when you have USB device plugged into it and pressure is applied from the side. 5KG force is applied to the USB plug. Ports did not get loose nor lost function

Electronic Discharge test (ESD):

The purpose of this test is to make sure the device is properly grounded and users will not be hit by electric current no matter where they touch the device.

Voltage applied is 8KW. V has passed this test as well.

Rusting tests

V and its charger have spent 24 hours in a 90% humidity chamber with salty mist. Results are great here as well. No rusting!

Alcohol Test

95% strength alcohol is applied on a cotton ball and rubbed with 500 grams of force 300 times against the housing to make sure that alcohol does not damage housing color. Yet another pass:)

Adhesive tape housing test (Paint chip test)

Device housing is scratched and strong 3M tape is applied and quickly removed to check if paint (anodizing in our case comes off)

Screen pressure test

500g of force are directly applied to touch panel.

Falling steel ball test

Steel ball is dropped from 30cm with weight of 64 grams to make sure glass doesn’t break. V passed this again! Now we are testing its limits:)

Vibration test

V is attached to a vibration machine to check how well it will withstand transportation. Continuous vibration for 1 hour with frequency of 55 Hz and 5 mm amplitude

Drop test

V is dropped from 60cm height to see if there is any damage caused. V coped with 60cm easily now we are testing at what point it would actually break

Rubbing test

Paper roll is spun continuously and has 160g of force applied. Goal of the test is to check if there is any visible wear seen on the housing.

V and its keyboard have gone through more tests such as:

  • Pogo pin connection test
  • Pogo pin rub & twist test
  • Low and high temperature operation
  • Cable swing test
  • And quite much more.

I decided to put most interesting ones to this post!

###4. PayPal situation update

The good news doesn’t stop here!:slight_smile: Most of our funds have been unfrozen and we were able to successfully pay our vendors! We think the support tickets that some of you have sent to PayPal have definitely helped!

###5. Bonus stuff from China trip last week!

Using V bluetooth keyboard on multiple devices

Keyboard motherboard factory SMT run

V limited edition :slight_smile:

V pen magnet

[07.06] Latest updates on shipping schedule and more
Community Digest 15.05
Eve team and engineers Q&A
Livestream Questions!

I’m glad that it passed the alcohol test, because I guess that I need to party hard, when the V is finally there! :beers:


Awesome news. I believe this kind of testing is what differentiates a well-built premium product and, well, everything else.


Great news.
Happy to hear that all bugs are solved. Could you tell us something about the speaker improvement as well?
What week do you think our hyper early birds go out? begin / mid of june?
Please stay with quality first approach as you did before.


@Konstantinos Thanks for the update and great news. So when do you expect the first batch to ship? Still on target for 1st week of June?


Great update and loved the videos @Team are gonna make a lot of people happy over the coming months.


As everyone before me has said, amazing update on all fronts! So happy for you guys (and myself getting the V) that things are going well, and at a good pace. All that I can say right now is Knock on Wood that all goes well from now on!


Over the course of this week, the new screens will come in. At that point, things are in our own hands again and it will be much easier to give an accurate estimate of things such as shipping dates. That means we’ll probably get refined estimates in next week’s update, but don’t pin me down on that! Until then, the previous estimates stand.

Being gone for a week lets work pile up, and traveling halfway around the world tends to leave one a bit lagged, so thanks @Konstantinos for your efforts to get us the update! It took a while longer than expected to get this announcement out into the world, and I know that many --myself included-- have rabidly clicked the New button all day, whenever the forums even smelled of a new post. Thanks to everyone for your patience!


Im a bit sad about the days youre mentioning. Reading the sad part i guess this updates confirms we people who didnt back on indiegogo will not get units before mid july?


Awesome news! From @Konstantinos post it looks like things appear to be on track for the production of hyper early birds in the first week of June (2 weeks from now give or take a few days), the Computex show is a huge stage for Eve to enter mainstream consciousness! Absolutely looking forward to it!

Edit: should say production instead of shipping, too over-eager am I…


Best wishes to Eve for success at Computex, looking forward to my V!


@Team Can we get a more accurate shipping estimate? A few weeks from today sounds like potentially 5 weeks

As is painfully obvious I’m already irate so anything you can do to give something a bit more concrete than “a few weeks” would be excellent

As it stands it sounds like you don’t have the screens yet, but sometime this week then you have to check them? How long is that estimated to take?

And then sent off to bonding which will take a week? Is that including the shipping time to and from the bonding place or is it in house?

And then production starts and then when that’s finished eventually it is shipped or is there more to do that we’re not aware of?

With everything mentioned could we get an estimate on the time scale for each section that is remaining to be done?

Essentially it’s definitely not going to may is it?

Late June? :frowning:


Agreed. I think Eve should use sth like (by which date) instead of (coming in few weeks ). The words are ambiguous.

IMO the use of words showed their lack of confidence in committing to the timeline. It’s fine at the beginning stage of the company as they don’t have resources in coping any special circumstances. I suggest that the team should adopt a precise wording if the company wish to grow.


This is all OUTSTANDING news


Internally we have more accurate estimate, however as the screens have not arrived yet (and we’ve not inspected them yet) and thus things are not in our hands. As soon as they are in our hands (the screens have arrived and we know the quality of them) we can give a more accurate estimate on it - if we have a higher percentage of “bad” screens bonding will take longer (as well as the quality control of the screens) and as such the estimate could be moved back by a week (and that might still be in our date).

While we’re internally calculating with the worse date (obviously) it’s always a double-edged sword to give out either the better date which can be pushed back or the worse date that looks worse than things really are.
So we decided to not give out the date until we know ourselves if we’re dealing with the better or the worse date.

(My personal 2 cents here)
And in the end it does not matter that much if the V ships e.g. end of May and you have it 1 week earlier but due to it shipping it out earlier and we’re not using that week to check that it’s perfect, and there’s that one small thing that we could not iron out. And that one thing is annoying you to no end.
And with a device like the V, that at least I personally want to use for 2-3 years minimum, I’d rather wait a week - or in the worst case 2 - more to not have that one thing that will bug me over those 2-3 years. :slight_smile:


This all great news, thanks a lot @Konstantinos and @Team!!! :smile: :tada:
Edit : below not valid anymore. Best update ever @Konstantinos :smile:

I believe however that below statement is a little confusing

Reading through the post, @Konstantinos also announced that new displays will arrive within this week and that you will need 1 week of inspection before starting MP.
From this my understanding is thus thay there is good chances to start production from e/o next week rather than in a few weeks (which can mean from 2 to 5 weeks as stated by @Cluskey_Smith), isn’t it?

Nonetheless I fully understand that you are now being very cautious :wink:



This is very important to me as well, because I love to clean my devices with alcohol wipes :joy:


Thanks for the update @Konstantinos and the team.

Nobody becomes a professional overnight. It takes painful lessons after painful lessons. With hindsight and/or many many years of experience, perhaps the people in the team can make better time estimates between development to manufacturing, to shipping out an actual (everything works as intended) product.

I needed my V yesterday (well, actually two weeks ago, but hey). But I am darn happy to have had the chance to join the EVE team for their wild ride. I love that I am given insights to what actually goes on in their developing the product ie. our V! It’s better than reading a novel, I tell ya. Romance (falling in love with V), excitements, disappointments, heart-breaks, thrillers and suspense (like waiting for @Konstantinos 's update last night lol!!!), highs, lows, sadness, happiness.

(insert Knight Rider theme song or whatever you fancy)
Better than a novel or a movie.

Can’t wait for the screens to arrive. 5,000 units is a heck of a lot to make, but worth the risk mitigation.

\end drama :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

*edited coz I forgot I couldn’t use certain symbols here.


What a great post @Konstantinos! I can’t wait to get my early bird and I am so excited to see all of the testing involved in getting us a good product. Thanks to the moderators too who have had to put up with our impatient arses!


I sure hope that this won’t happen, following MP will be funky otherwise :sweat_smile:
Cannot help to imagine the Displays rejected by Eve being reused by Acer, Dell & Co… :joy: