[14.06] GOOD NEWS. Screens arrived!



Good morning Eve family!

I got pretty awesome news 30 min ago :confetti_ball:

3990 screens have arrived to Hong Kong and are now going through customs clearance. Our and Emdoor’s QC people will come for inspection on Monday.

The news are good as this time we have signed the contract in which we agreed that we will take only the screens that pass our quality check. Also this time supplier did get a lot of pressure because of the visibility we received.

They have provided us testing reports of the screens and it looks like screens are of great quality this time.

We will know how many of the screens are usable on Monday but you can relax now! To us it realistically looks like 99% chance that everything will be fine and we will get enough screens for production

Some additional stuff Q&A Style:

###1. How is the inspection done?

We will test 100% of 3990 screens.

  • First we do cosmetic inspection to check whether boxes are damaged or if screens have scratches, etc on them.
  • We use special tool to test the backlight stability (no flicker) and for light leaks
  • We check for dead pixels, pressure stains with a pattern generator that send different pictures to the LCD

###2. Ok great! When will you ship first and second batch then?

We would like to stay on the safe side and make few buffers in case f something goes wrong.

  • Production of the first batch should be done (conservative estimate with buffers ) on 14th of July
  • Production of the second batch will be done 20-30 days after the first batch.
All of the above can happen earlier and we will try our best to do it earlier but we are giving a more conservative estimate in case if something will go wrong during production, shipment, etc

We will ship the devices on the week when they are produced with the fastest shipping option.

###3. What will happen exactly after screens go through the quality check on Monday?

  • On Tuesday 20th we will ship the screens with expedited shipping to our touch panel vendor for direct bonding. They should get it by 24th. Our supplier is in Shenzhen

  • from 26th till 30th supplier will finish bonding the touch panels and will send them to our factory for assembly.

  • We should get it to our factory on 3rd and we will finish producing 600 devices by 8th.

  • As you can see we have now added 1 week buffer in case If something goes wrong during shipment or production

###4. Why it takes 20-30 days more to get limited birds shipped? Can’t you assemble all the devices altogether?

We would love to assemble them altogether but it is too big of a risk. In case if something goes wrong after 600 devices are assembled we would have to redo them. Currently we have made an SMT run (attaching components to the motherboard) of 600 motherboards. In case if something needs to be adjusted we will then need to scrap only 600 motherboards. But if we produce all 2600 of them (first and second batch together) we are risking another delay and a huge expense (as those motherboards have CPU, RAM, Wifi card, etc on them)

So to summarize it takes 15 days for the SMT run to be completed. We will do the SMT run immediately after the first batch is produced.

We are super thankful for all of the support and understanding from your side! Thanks for staring truly inspirational threads this week!

So guys it looks like the screen issues is

P.S. Added pictures of some of the components and accessories:)

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Thanks for that great detailed update! :smiley:

I am confident this time all your effort will get paid off :slight_smile:


Hey @Konstantinos

Sounds like excellent news :slight_smile:
Will keep my fingers crossed that everything works well from now on.

Still I’m curious to know, how you estimated the previous shipping date of 28June …

Reading your detailed timeplan, it seems impossible to have the devices done by 28th June, isn’t it?
I am asking, because I will go in the second week of July to other cities for studying and would need a device with me.

Looking forward to an answer :slight_smile:


Finally… GOOD NEWS! :smiley: hope everything goes well :thumbsup:


Great news and well done on getting the contract re quality, helped by Computex
. Something to quieten the moaners in earlier threads.

Can see the buffer time makes sense so we could be pleasantly surprised


Thanks for the update, team :slight_smile:

Kind of amuses me how fast things get produced when everything is ready.
That’s 100 V’s per day, assuming a 10-hour day, it’s 10 V/Hr, and 1 new V every 360 seconds = 6 minutes per V :joy:

Edit: @Helios I have terrible maths :joy:


The previous estimate was ‘between June 28th and July 20th’. The shipment may have arrived early, which could have improved the timeline. The current estimate includes a week buffer. There is a delay between now and Monday, when things can be inspected, that may have been unforeseen and is almost a week. Keep in mind we’re all working with estimates here. The ones in the opening post here are just the most recent estimates, and as such based on the most recent and most accurate information available. And we’ll update as we go along…

@kazenorin I think you meant 10Vph :wink:


So if I’m understanding this right, we are talking mid-August shipment for early birds? And that’s assuming no unforeseen delays.

Can’t say I’m too happy about that but we’ve come this far, so here’s hoping that we can go all the way and the wait will be worth it in the end.


My understanding is that mid-July for Hyper :bird:s is a pessimistic (but apparently not worst) estimate.

So it might be earlier than mid-August for early :bird:s


Konsta left a very big buffer on those estimates. If the hyper early birds SMT run goes fine and there is no problems I think the Early birds production can start way faster.

As if the SMT run is fine, then they can rest that theere is no production problems from the factory when installing the cpu, ram etc to the pcb.


@Marius_Hoppmann As @Helios mentioned my previous estimate was June 28th - July 20th. When I originally said 28th according to all the vendors it would be possible but at a very slim chance.

As we have discussed we will be open and share estimates we get :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s right. But again lets not speculate! We will be keeping you updated now all the time so we will know even better estimate after panels have been bonded!


Great update, thanks to @Team for for all the effort to work with the supplier and dealing out this terms, there is a larger confidence in quality and too (if i correctly understand) 1390 pieces of overhead screens to use in the case some screens do not pass quality checks!

I specifically want to thank @Konstantinos for the update, i think it provides the needed detail to avoid misinterpretations, answers a lot of questions beforehand and i personally like the included conservative timelines with details on buffers etc.

Thank you!


Is there a way to speed up the process by shipping the 600 screens that passed the checks for bonding first so that the time line can be expedited for Hyper Early Birds, while the remaining processes go on in the background?

Edit: oops I misread, so the QC will be done only on Monday and the entire batch is ready to be shipped out for bonding on Tues?


Yes that’s what we will do. We will get the fastest shipping option out there.


Also guys added some pictures :smiley:


What’s that SIM thing on the duplicate pictures?



That’s an PS cable. I think it connects the SD card. @mirv should know :smiley:


It’s the ribbon cable between the main PCB/motherboard and the SD card reader :slight_smile:.


Simultaneous post with @Konstantinos!