13th July Update



Well it’s been just over 3 weeks now and still nothing (3 weeks since the previous deadline came and went), no notice of my V being shipped and still all quiet on the investment front (which I fully understand, the investor wouldn’t want to be named prior to it all being sorted). Didn’t they say they were reasonably close to having the investment nearly sorted? Although I presume this process can take a fair old while!

I’m still feeling rather worried though… I’ve not seen anyone post recently that their V has been dispatched and I’m sure you said they were still being sent out slowly yet surely? The more time goes on, the more I feel the need to drop support a message to start the refund process, won’t lie I’ll be said if I have to do that.


You should absolutely go with another company.

Unless you really hate money, and also having a computer, if which case Eve got ya covered



Ship the Vs and process the refunds already.

The sloth who works at the DMV in Zootopia moves faster than Eve…


no, the sloth eventually gets their job done
there is no indication eve does that


Starting to think there won’t be another update today, even if it’s just one to say nothings changed… I’d still like to know if V’s are slowly but surely being dispatched or if everything is on hold till the investors come in?


It was discussed multiple times. On hold basically until investor would give some cash to show banks that company has money so that account would be unfrozen etc etc


@Konstantinos August is now 11 days away. Please update, but a real update, state what you are doing, how you are trying to change the current situation. I think one reason you are afraid to talk about your failures is that you are worried it will affect your investors decision making, but do you think having us complain about refunds, and no updates is going to make someone invest money in your company? I would only invest in your idea, but with what I see hear, I would not keep any of you. Which is why I suspect you haven’t sold, because no one wants to keep your staff. You can change that by posting regularly, and not complaining about negativity, which you are causing with your silence. Stating it’s hard, doesn’t help stating that you have had a setback does at least give us knowledge about what we are going to do about choosing to invest in your idea.


@Konstantinos: I do hope you provide an update concerning the "August shipment’ and strongly linked to that your Investor search . Plesse let us know what is going on - after 4 months waiting this is a fair request


No updates? Ah well at least that means no new promises to break or lies to be excused by fanboys and the micro-aggression triggered SJWs being offended because one calls a spade a spade.
See you next week, unless I’ll receive my refund by then…
LOL as if!!!


Same here - @Konstantinos promised me two weeks ago information about faulty design (and how they are going to solve it) of Mozo magnetic sleeve - and as usual - nothing … So another lie … I lost my last grain of trust to this company.