13th July Update



No difference. I paid with CC, don’t even have an estimate in my account for the delivery and didn’t have it. At least with PayPal you could refund fast


Thank you for the update. Can you explain why there is a hold up on the investment capital? You have been talking about this for 4 months and haven’t mentioned why there have not been any takers. Is there going to be the threat of another delay? August is 18 days away.


Did you guys ship any more Vs? At the least, we should know how that is progressing regularly.


No V ships until investor would give money.
I don’t think bank unfroze any money unless V shows enough money.

I did financing and my own business. In my opinion Eve V mistake was that they didn’t have enough “cash” on hands let’s say. This money is one of the important ones in any business. Without cash bank thinks u can’t proceed anymore with your stuff.


your second paragraph sounds true.
This first one, as far as I remember contradicts what Eve team are saying. They ship some constantly and this provides more unfrozen money… but I stand corrected if somebody from Eve corrects me.


Have you managed to ship any V’s this past week or at this stage are you basically waiting for the investor to come on board with Eve before you can continue?

Anyway thanks for the update, even if there wasn’t much too it this week! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update, Mike! Very glad to hear we’ll start seeing support ticket responses.
I was sent the wrong V (which was a replacement V for the original one on which the sound did not work). It has been a 1-1/2 months since my support ticket was opened and as of a month ago I stopped receiving responses at all, which I know is nothing compared to others.
I do love the V that I do have, just wish it was the right one. Please keep moving forward and please keep talking! Still in your corner!


That’s what I remember them saying. I mentioned in a post that we are their investors for the time being; therefore, that is the kind update we should have been getting this whole time.


Here from Update of 22.06.2018

I think they said that several times.


Ya, but numbers would be nice. I imagine ‘real’ investors wouldn’t put up with such vagueness, though they’d have the power to act on it.


This is a public forum. No sensible company throws this kind of info around.


No, I wouldn’t expect them to give exact figures out but at the same time I don’t believe I’ve seen any users post recently that their V is on it’s way to them? I may have just not been looking in the right places so I could be completely wrong though!


You are very wrong with this comment. If a company had good figures and information they very well would be releasing the information as to how many units have shipped. The only reason to withhold those figures is to prevent panic among the buyers.
It would be total incompetence to withhold information that would make the company look good or information that would put buyers fears at ease. There is one reason they are not giving information about units shipped and units waiting to be shipped. The data is horrendous.


@Mike, @Konstantinos August is 15 days away. As someone that works in manufacturing, and has to tell clients that their deliveries will be late occasionally, I find it useful to be proactive and tell them ahead of time. Since you did not state the end of August in my update “Estimated Shipping: August”. Anything other than August 1st counts as another delay, unless you tell me differently prior to that. You either need to be more forthcoming about your outside investment meetings (ie what they want from you and why you haven’t come to an agreement), or give a more granular description of the shipment/manufacturing progress. We saw the progress on your youtube channel, which must have been for the indiegogo deliveries, why can’t we get some news from the factory from you, unless there hasn’t been any changes. Right now based on your updates, it is clear that our deliveries may not make August, unless you can do something to assuage our fears.


Still waiting patiently. Got my dream of doing my work in a park, just carrying a waterproof bag for my V, notebook & camera.


As per EVE’s dictionary and tradition - August estimated shipping means a response (very likely with another delay and excuses) around August 30 or 31 …


I was trying to be positive, but no response is beginning to make me think that I should go with a different company.


Hi Eve team,

I want my EVE V, please deliver us your product, still waiting since the Flash sale in December 2017.
Order #14xx December 04, 2017 Paid Unfulfilled (Estimated Shipping: August)



Well it’s been just over 3 weeks now and still nothing (3 weeks since the previous deadline came and went), no notice of my V being shipped and still all quiet on the investment front (which I fully understand, the investor wouldn’t want to be named prior to it all being sorted). Didn’t they say they were reasonably close to having the investment nearly sorted? Although I presume this process can take a fair old while!

I’m still feeling rather worried though… I’ve not seen anyone post recently that their V has been dispatched and I’m sure you said they were still being sent out slowly yet surely? The more time goes on, the more I feel the need to drop support a message to start the refund process, won’t lie I’ll be said if I have to do that.


You should absolutely go with another company.

Unless you really hate money, and also having a computer, if which case Eve got ya covered