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0:23 We’ve learned a lot from our past livestream. This time we streamed from the Helsinki office, and made changes based on your feedback on how could we improve. Thanks to everyone for their feedback. 0:58 We’ll be doing more video content from now on – this can be either livestreams or recorded video. The idea is to have each video short and very focused on one particular topic. That way people can more easily refer to them for the information they need.


1:19 This livestream focused on everything related to products. Eve V, Project: B, Project: Donald Dock, but also issues and defects, and how we handle them. 1:46 Next week’s video will focus on production, shipping schedules, delays, and what’s going on with all that.

Issues and defects

Quality of the V

2:55 Some people have reported issues with, for example, the speakers, USB-C ports and kickstand. Because these people are vocal about their issues (and we understand that they are not happy!) it may seem that many Vs are defective. In reality, it’s only a small fraction of the customer base experiencing these issues.

3:23 We have sent out a survey to a lot of people who have already received a V (sending them out in batches), overall we have had high satisfaction rating with the device.

3:32 We have no intention of shipping defective devices, or for people to have quality issues. We want to see all issues resolved and want everyone to be happy with their V.

Quality Control

4:40 Our factory has 5 quality check steps before a third-party company performs a final check:

  • When each component comes from the supplier to the factory warehouse, it’s tested and checked.
  • When the components go to the assembly line, they are checked in-line, especially the main components such as the housing.
  • After the device has been assembled it’s tested once again in-line and checked against a large 50+ page document with all sorts of scenarios. 5 people test for each scenario.
  • After that there’s an aging test, the device is running a script for 8 hours doing various tests (running at high load, etc.) while diagnostic software check for issues.
  • Then there is a final QC at the factory of the completed device.
  • Finally, a third party quality check company makes their own assembly line and check each and every device.

7:40 Because of these many checks, we don’t really send out devices with defects, though there were some issues during IndieGoGo batches. Now that our QC process has matured this should be a thing of the past. Defects can of course occur later, but we can’t test for this in the factory.


8:02 Some customers have reported issues with the kickstand coming loose. Based on our support history, this affects less than half a percent of total Vs. The root cause is an imperfection in the housing, that can slip through quality check. During QC, the kickstand is opened and closed some 20-30 times through which the screws stay firmly in place. Over time the imperfections make the screws come loose and the kickstand detaches.

31:01 Customers experiencing this issue can contact support. We can ship a spare kickstand and/or screws with instructions on how to perform the repair yourself as a quick fix, or you can send back the device and we’ll repair it for you. We try to resolve any issue as quickly as possible. When we can, we try to provide quick fixes like this.

Ghost touches

8:53 Before we ship any V, a script tests for ghost touches. Because of this, we are quite sure that no Vs ship with ghost touch issues. However Windows- and other software updates can change the device’s behavior and may lead to ghost touched. Whenever we can replicate the issue, we can look for a fix which usually involves a driver or firmware update.

10:59 As Windows and other software will continue to receive updates, we will need to keep updating our firmware accordingly, this is mostly an ongoing process. Sometimes we can’t replicate the exact issue as the user has, and these issues are harder to resolve.

There is an FAQ article about what to do if you experience ghost touches.

Battery drain during sleep

11:16 The root cause of the unusually high battery drain during sleep, is that when you click sleep, most, but not all, components go to sleep. The ones that don’t drain the battery.

11:47 We’ve found a short-term fix in switching from S0 sleep mode to S3 sleep mode. The main difference is that S0 keeps the system in a low-power state where it wakes up super quick like a smartphone when you press the power button. S3 is a deeper form of sleep and takes a few seconds for the screen to light up, though the system is still on unlike hibernation.

12:28 As a permanent solution. we are working on a firmware fix for the components that are not properly going to sleep.

There is an FAQ article about how to change the sleep mode in BIOS.

Loose USB-C port

12:35 This is an issue that affects few people (though it’s more common than the kickstand issue). The root cause is the component itself. When the connectors arrive at the factory, not 100% of them are checked, so some of them might have an issue. We have strengthened the QC process to check for this.

13:02 Fixes for this issue are being handled on a case-by-case basis. If you experience this issue contact support and we will find a solution for you.

Speaker quality

13:32 The development approach for sourcing components for the V was simple: take the specs the community wants, then find the best component that matches those specs. The speakers we have right now, at least on paper, are very high performance, among the top speakers available to us.

14:21 We now realize that it takes a while to get speakers tuned. For now the solution is to keep delivering driver updates to improve audio quality. We may potentially team up with Dolby for further improvements. One upcoming driver will fix the distorted Windows notification sounds and will improve overall audio quality.

Pixel defects

35:55 Someone in chat asked about warranty for pixel defects. We follow the quality standards set forth by our panel manufacturer Sharp. Their pixel defect tolerance is low, but we do not have a zero-dead-pixel policy.

37:00 If you have pixel defects, please contact support. We will try to find a solution for you, even in cases where we cannot replace the device under warranty.

37:31 There are similar standards for backlight bleed (light leakage, usually along the bottom of the screen). At this point we are not big enough to influence the quality standards of big manufacturers.

V Pen / Magnetic Sleeve

29:44 Someone in chat asked about the V being scratched when the V Pen is stored in the pen loop of the Magnetic Sleeve. We will look into this together with Mozo.

Unusual cases

26:18 Artur has had some seriously bad luck with his V, and continues to experience issues even after having multiple replacements. It is unusual, and Konsta will look into it.


BIOS update

15:08 There is a big BIOS update coming out that will address a number of small fixes and improve things like touch, and to match with the latest Windows updates. This update will also improve charging speed by 20-30%. We’ve already tested it, and will be testing it for a while. It works reliably and there are no downsides to it so far. We are excited about this, as we weren’t happy with the current charging speed.

Feature upgrades

16:00 People are asking for software utilities that will make the V better. We are a small team and our focus right now is on fixing bugs and present issues.

16:20 That is not to say that we don’t want to further improve the V. We will be working on Eve software utilities somewhere down the line, but in the short term there are third-party apps available for many of these things.

16:40 For example, there is already a third-party app that shows CapsLock status on-screen, a much-requested feature. We really tried to get a CapsLock indicator on the keyboard, but our factory didn’t have the know-how to integrate the CapsLock indicator light into the key, except at the cost of keyboard backlight.

Charging indicator

17:22 People are asking for a way to see when the device is charging. At this time, a device with a drained battery will simply not turn on, giving no signs to help diagnose the issue. The easiest way would be to mimic what smartphones do: have the firmware display charging- or battery status on-screen. We could not find any power-efficient solutions to implement this.

17:47 We see two ways to solve this: One is to implement a charging indicator to the cable itself so you can see a LED on the plug when the V is charging. The other solution is that when the battery is low and the V can’t start, it would show it on-screen. This would help diagnose when your V doesn’t turn on.


33:40 Someone in chat asked about switching the device from 4.5W to 7W in the BIOS. This is the Performance switch in the Advanced tab. Alternatively, Intel’s Xtreme Tuning Utility can be used to change CPU performance settings.

V Refresh

18:55 Many have been asking about a V refresh. We can’t say too much about it due to strict NDAs. Luckily for the V, Intel hasn’t been very quick with their CPU generations, and even now the V with it’s 7th gen Y CPU is still using the latest CPU architecture in its category. We still see a lot of potential in the current V, and will be working on improving the experience of our current device.


20:44 We get asked a lot what changes have been made since the first production run. Behind the scenes we’ve constantly been adjusting our factory line and the device. These are generally minor changes such as small internal changes to the housing to make assembly easier. Most of our changes are focused on improving the consistency of the quality of the device.

21:24 We’ve changed some things that customers can actually see. For example, there is now a plastic wrap around the device to avoid the dust-in-the-box issues from earlier shipments. We’ve also been updating to the latest firmware, drivers and Windows updates for each production run.

21:45 There have been lots of changes to the keyboard. We’ve been playing around with the materials of the key caps to address issues with key sensitivity people have reported. We’ve made changes to make the touchpad more stable, this was an issue with the very early devices where the left-click wasn’t tactile enough.

Other projects

Project: B

19:46 We are excited about Project: B and it is making good progress. One of the key goals of the project was for Dario to play around with community development and find out the best ways to get information from the users. Next week you should see a lot of exciting stuff like concepts Dario and the guys from Mozo made together. The project is still going and hopefully soon we’ll be able to start determining the final product.

Project: Donald Dock

23:24 People have been asking about Project; Donald Dock. We’ve realized that this is something we want to do together with The Next Big Thing™, as it compliments it very well.

The Next Big Thing™

22:39 When will development for The Next Big Thing™ be started? We couldn’t tell you too much in this livestream, but we’ll cover it in a separate video since it’s a big topic. We are working on it.

D: None of the above

2:08 Konsta got married the day before, 24:04 and will take any opportunity to show off his wedding band.

25:45 Livestream chat was curious about the contents of a cardboard box in the background, mysteriously labeled ‘time travel stuff’. It remains a mystery.

28:45 Livestream chat wanted Konsta to squeeze the rubber chicken seen in the background. It remains unsqueezed.

28:47 Konsta hasn’t been answering PMs in a while. He’s been quite busy and has a lot of PMs pending, but he promises he will go through them when he has time.

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