10.11 Update and Warning: SPOILERS COMING SOON!



The charger follows the USB-PD protocols, with adaptable power output along a number of voltages. Since we changed adapters a few times (we kept finding better ones along the way!) I don’t have the exact specs at this moment. I’ve put out a request with the team for more details, so as soon as someone comes back to me I’ll let you guys know!

Meanwhile, you can read a lot of discussion about USB-PD here and here.


I may have posted something similar long time ago, but could not find it anymore.

Living in an environment where tomorrow is tomorrow the next day(s) too, the discussion here makes me think at what an old man living in a hamlet deep into the forest told me a long time ago:
“You white people don’t know anything about time” Imagine my thoughts at that moment :astonished::dizzy_face::rage::face_with_hand_over_mouth: You know, being western educated, efficiency and all that stuff . . . . = " Whaaat?" -in thinking alone-:grimacing:.

Then he continued: "You white people know only your watch"
You know what ? I think he was right.

Our present society formatted us in efficient watch-time users, on-line delivered next day running people.
Didn’t we loose something important in that process?


Scrolled through them, hence I’m asking.
Anyway, that’s good news, meaning USB-pd is getting adopted as we speak. Looking forward to receiving V, I’ll just put off buying the powerbank until then. Who knew there’s a 45w power bank? ._.


@hiddenflaw - I did find only 30 W one:



There are 45W ones as well. If you scroll through the power bank discussion. But it’s a question of do you want to pay an arm and a leg for a 45w portable battery at this moment.


I did not find one (real PD) - could you post a link?


Both support 45W


Thanks a lot. I will check them.


First one is QC3 only - no PD - so useless.


Yea, but it is spec’d exactly what USB PD specs are. But I must admit, I don’t really know too much about USB PD. Sorry for getting off topic, we should probably move to the power bank discussion thread instead.


Honestly, even it is a bit off topic: One of the best things Eve ever did is to make you to the community manager - Hats off!!!


Clearly off topic and clearly a good point


Roger that :slight_smile:


If we’re talking about battery banks and charging, I think that should be a separate thread.

On the note of that, however, I think I’ll just use a deep cycle battery or an AGM battery. Surely if they could pump out 100 watts to my radio, it should work with charging the V at a decent pace, right? With some “modifications”, of course, otherwise I might break my V. lol


Let me clarify:
I trust them in delivering the product someday because as you said, they keep it transparent.
I don’t trust them in delivering it in time. Because they keep missing deadlines and I don’t see anything that would change it now.


Thank you for clarification.
Thanks for all the good work and updates, I do perceive them as enough and on the spot.