10.11 Update and Warning: SPOILERS COMING SOON!



That is exactly what I wrote somewhere here. I hope they are trolling us and V’s are on the way. :rofl:


Would have been a pretty cool move from @Team to troll everybody. If so, well played :smile:
If it turns out @el_klunico simply forgot about that toaster he had ordered online then lets hope for an update soon :slight_smile:


I checke everything I might have ordered…can’t find or remember anything - I hope I did not pump up excitement to be wrong :smirk:


Weren`t the V’s supposed to be shipped via DHL?


Maybe DHL in Europe and FedEx in America?


Depends on a region/country i would guess


When I asked how they will ship it to me in South Africa, they said that their shipping partner makes that decision and that it depends, so it sounds like they (shipping partner) try and find an optimal solution for each region.


Oh boy, this looks like chaos building up :thinking:

@Team could you jump in and help out?


What’s going on in this forum right now (in fact for quite a while) will satisfy psychologists and behavioural scientists quite well :joy::wink:


PLEASE - Let’s not go round this loop again when Eve have already sorted out their carriers and logistics (previous T shirts thread). Are you really asking @team to change their arrangements at this time?

Might some commentators just calm down rather than agitate because you’ve nothing better to do. If this was YOUR business and you have responsibility and accountability for the supply chain and logistics how would you handle it? (Rhetorical question)

The system is set up and at some stage - probably end of this/next week HEBs will get emails with tracking numbers etc and shortly thereafter our shiny new Vs.


I think you misunderstood something very badly.


he wants to know if it’s possible that his v is already shipped because he got a sms from fed ex and didn’t order anything else.


Hi @SteveYork I am sorry if I was not clear - I don’t want to ask for any changes.

I got a SMS from FedEx letting me know that I am going to get a package end of the week. And as I did not order anything in the past days and it could very well fit the schedule I turned to the community for any insight.

Thus, my apologies for the misunderstanding.


Satisfying or very very :roll_eyes: puzzling ?


hahaha, nope not a chance :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

As someone already raised earlier in this topic, how much or how little information is put out is delicately tied to the expectations of the community. If we give you a daily update three days in a row, you expect an update on the fourth day because that’s the pattern we’re in. Internally, we are looking to improve the quality and the schedule for updates for future projects. We have decided though, to still publish every step as soon as we can for this project, as we understand that, especially with the delays we’ve faced over the past months, everyone’s hungry for whatever update you can get.

Now, as for deadlines, clearly we were off. Even if we don’t take into account the big delays like PayPal freezing the funds we needed for production, and our display supplier shipping us faulty screens at first, then sort-of-shipping us screens later… out targets have drifted by a lot. Many unforeseen small delays have added up, and some of that could have been mitigated if we had had more experience. Lack of experience isn’t really something we can fix in any other way that what we’re doing now: we’re gaining experience as we go through all these processes, some as planned, some with delays, and that all will lead to better timeline predictions in the future.

Of course that doesn’t help anyone waiting for their V now. Sorry for this delay. We know it sucks. We really do appreciate your patience, and we really do understand your impatience.

Now, as someone already mentioned: when we told you “date X is the date!”, we told you that because we believed that date X was the date. And after the initial delays, we did start to account for broader timeframes to each step, and added buffers on top of that. Now that we’re so close to shipping though, it becomes harder to reasonably buffer things.

Let’s say, we tell you “We’re building half the remaining Vs tomorrow, and then the rest the day after that. Quality checking will take about a day, and we check them all as they come off the line! We’re so excited guys, expected shipping date is in two weeks!”

That’s a nice buffer to account for stuff that might go wrong, and we’ll probably keep to that shipping timeline without much pressure. But the buffer loses its power, because we also told you that production should be done in two days, and testing in three. Now, I expect one of two things to happen:

You’re internally thinking “They say two weeks, but they’re just being conservative with their shipping estimates. The Vs should be done in three days, I could get my V at the end of this week!” and are disappointed still if we use all of our buffer.

You’re externally thinking (posting on the forum) “You say it’ll only take three days before they’re done! You can’t just have them lying around for no reason for a week and a half before shipping! You suck Eve, we’ve already waited enough!”

Being honest and open about our process, and taking you guys with us as deep as into the manufacturing rooms… takes a lot of power out of any buffer period we set ‘just in case’… It brings my story back round to my opening thought: how much information we give you is delicately tied to how you all set your expectations.

And I’m not sure we’ve worked out the balance quite yet. But we’re working on it. Since I think a lot of the anxiety is tied to the length of these delays, I hope future projects will never again put us in a situation where this balance is quite so crucial to upholding the positive creative atmosphere in the community.

Speaking of a positive creative atmosphere in the community,

Speaking your mind is awesome. We need people to bring forth their views and ideas, and it is because people with differing opinions came together to develop the V that it became the awesome device it is today.

So please, speak your mind, and don’t be afraid to have an opinion. And with the delays we’ve experienced in the past, I can’t fault you if your thoughts and opinions aren’t 100% happy about the situation.

Even so, please accept that other people will have different opinions. The people who are sad, upset, or angry, are not wrong. Neither are the people who are upbeat, enthusiastic, hopeful and excited. Don’t fault other people for thinking differently.

What is required though, is that we stay civil. Disagreements do not need to become fights. Feel free to express your disagreement with someone’s views, but be respectful. Be emphatic. Try to see things from their point of view, and use that perspective to review your own thoughts. You’ll find that sometimes they might be right. And sometimes you’ll find that they aren’t.

Agreeing to disagree is an amazing thing, as much as the phrase sounds like it came straight from the mouth of a certain fuzzy purple dinosaur.

@el_klunico: That notification is sadly not yet the news that your V is about to arrive. Guess you’re getting that toaster after all!


Well, I still have a lot of trust and faith in them because of the fact that they are being transparent about there issues. If Eve were like every other company and kept their mouths shut about what they’re doing behind the scenes, then of course I’d be irritated and upset. I’d probably have asked for a refund long ago as well.

However, because they’re sharing updates with us like they are (giving us both the good, the bad, and the ugly information), I respect them and have a lot of faith in their decisions. To me, when I know what’s going on and what’s causing the delays, then the deadlines don’t matter one bit. I could wait until June 2018, so long as they are telling us why it’s taking until June 2018, and as long as it’s a good reason.

Personal note regarding the overall discussion of this thread:
I love seeing the updates, I love reading the community’s comments, but I hate reading the negativity that people are showing (whether it’s intentional or not) towards Eve’s processes or what they’ve done in the past. Some of you might say, “Oh, well it’s just criticism”. My rebuttal to that is that it’s not constructive criticism. I’d like to see more of

Hey team, the next time this happens, could you try A, B, or C?

(constructive) instead of what I have been seeing. I don’t like seeing things like

Oh! Why did they do X? X isn’t the greatest thing, they should’ve done Y

because it isn’t constructive in the slightest. To me, it comes off as hostile and negative.

So what do you guys think? Do you think that we could we use a bit more constructive criticism instead of (unintentionally?) giving others the impression that we’re bashing on Eve and what they’re doing? I feel that it would prevent us from having this kind of argument multiple times in multiple threads.

Edit: Looks like @Helios was saying something that would also help:


Good on ya @Helios
You’re right that you’ll face criticism no matter which strategy you use for issuing updates but I, for one, would much prefer the option you’ve decided to take: telling us what you can, when you can and setting the targets you think are achievable given the information you have to hand at the time. :slight_smile:


so, I’m pretty sure this has been asked a million times, but I cannot find the information I need. Can someone please list down the power delivery of the V charger? Listing out it’s wattage and it’s output voltage/amperage. Thanks.


@Helios and @frostyfrog

@Helios Great post and thanks for clearing the air with an explanation from the Team.