10.11 Update and Warning: SPOILERS COMING SOON!



Tbh i understand the frustration and I think it’s ok if concerns are raised. The first shipping dates are far in the past and there were a lot of problems to get rid of. As already stated before, EVE is a start-up business and imo it was predictable, that it will be a bumpy road. But the team did a great job and always focused on delivering a great product. Just in keep in mind: if they delivered us the v with the screen from the first supplier, we couldn’t really be mad about it, because that would exactly be what we ordered. But the team wasn’t satisfied and searched for a new supplier and found (imo) a great one. And we don’t have to pay more although we get a better screen! (so please stop asking for goodies as compensation for the waiting)

I myself am still convinced that we will get our V very soon and it will be in an awesome quality.

But: I do think that the communication could be better regarding bad news. I personally would never expect a company to be as transparent as EVE was during the whole production-process. But if you show such a transparency and advertise with this property, I think you have to keep the promise also when times are rough. Regarding this I mostly think of the details like: as konstantinos mentioned above “Limited birds schedule still hold for end November start December shipment!” So shipping of LB should not be affected but helios extended the shipping timeline in the official thread from 2nd December to 9th December. For me it’s totally fine and you couldn’t say it’s not public information but there is a slight “bad taste”.
What also happened is, that we get the bad news mostly afterwards. So (imo) some community members see bad news coming if we don’t hear something over a “long” time. I totally understand that the team is busy making everything work, but within the team the communication must be constantly working, so e.g. that the community managers are able to give the informations to the community. Maybe this could help regarding the frustration of some members.

I just think EVE is a young company and of course there are a lot of things for the team to learn! but they are doing a great job so far and the dedication to the quality is amazing. Although some of us invested a lot of money I think we also have to understand the situation of the team. So let’s be patient for a few weeks and then we finally get our V. :slight_smile:


but there was at least a decent discounted price they paid

i rephrase it as

a decent discounted price + a gratis upgrade to sharp screen of “Sharp”

What i really miss, if they were able to switch to new screen manufacturer earlier. But it was not really an easy decision.


“We are sending press units that otherwise might have been rejected because of a little scratch on the housing etc or camera lense dust.”

Do the review units go back to Eve after the review? If so, I would love to purchase one of the “factory seconds” devices, as I do not care about cosmetic scratches, almost never use the camera on my laptop, etc.

If they do not go back to Eve, are the reviewers allowed to give or sell the review units?


Then they were wrong. They should learn from their mistakes and set a more modest deadline next time. If they’re so sure they can finish it in time, they can set that as their internal deadline and use it as a kick in the ass if they fail.

I did. More conservative timelines.

I’m not saying they’re doing something bad or they could do better in terms of production I’m just saying that they’re making the community upset by constantly failing to meet their deadlines, over and over again. How can we possibly trust them when they give us a new one?


Still strange that Musk got more behind deadlines and got less kicked than the V team :thinking:


They got a lot more flak tbh. Everytime the Model 3 is delayed, it makes a headline news on virtually every automotive news websites. Frontpage of Reddit? Guaranteed. If you go to Tesla enthusiast forums or /r/teslamotors, the situation is very similar to the one we are having here. The only difference is we are not making headline news.


As patient as I am (the patience disappears at the moment) one thing has to been kept in mind: All the clients ordering their Vs at the store wont have any sympathy for electrical problems, switches, screens etc. Most of the problems of course will have been solved with the knowledge of the errors in the past. Many of them will remain. And those problems don’t have to be trivialized. I think it’s ether wrong to say every thing is ok and all the mistakes made in the past had already been extinguished. It’s. Also wrong to blame the team for all those unlucky things that happened during the last time. I can’t hide that.I’m really pissed of because of the latest delays. I f…am!!! B U T. I know, it is a kind of learning by doing for EVE. Also B U T as @pauliunas mentioned it has to be a LEARNING by doing for the future. And for the future clients will DON’T excuse anything, no matter how good the reviews will be.


On the eve of December
I seemed to remember
Ordering a V or two

Well the two was accessories
Deemed necessities
But I digress

I hope for the power
With Intel and battery hours
Of joy and fun
To make no pun

now over in China
team were working though
getting all looking fina

and I said aloud, enough
this is too tough
ain’t got no V
yet to see
and no tee
life is too ruff :disappointed_relieved:


Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as tired of the complaints as anyone, but people have a right to voice complaints. In reality there are a few people who go on and on, but for the most part it’s a bunch of frustrated individuals, some more vocal than others. Just because (insert name of a truly chronic complainer) goes on and on and on (and on), does that mean someone else can’t say “hey, I’m upset too!” without it being a huge deal and being harassed for doing so? It goes both ways. We are a large and varied group. There will be people who only ever complain, and there will be so called “fan boys” usually its these 2 extremes who do so much of the talking. But for the other 98% of us, we all have our own voice, and I, for one, don’t appreciate being lumped in with the "larger majority " you speak of.

Let’s just all try to show a little respect for our fellow human beings.


Seriously?! Guys, serioulsy??!!
First I so much think that this discussion is getting off topic.

Then I am not here judging quality of each others posts, but come on! Isn’t the purpose of the community to exchange? Should the community be only about praising and not listening when people do not agree or are unhappy about something?

If you go online and open to the world you have to expect all kind of feedback. As long as I know, Amazon, Rakuten, Jaran, DELL and all others Net oriented vendors, on whichever field, accept both positive and negative reviews without filter (beside maybe offensive).

If anything I believe that as painful as it may be this is precious for Eve to get a variety of feedback, and not just on technical requirements. To be alive the community needs a diversity of opinion. Personally as long as there is no offenses, from which ever side, I am fine with it.

Now in the present case it seems to me that we are all looking in the same direction : we want our V.
Simply some are happy with the way the project is managed and how the communication flow : Good for them. Some others complain about the delay : good for them too. That’s it.
I find this attitude to say “No complain in here”, very childish. Ignore it if you want, but if it exists, community of course have to deal with it.
Ultimately it will be Eve’s decision to decide how they want to handle the community.

As for the majority’s opinion comment, I do not know what the majority thinks. I do not think that anybody really does.
Considering the HEB/EB only, there are about 2,500 people who ordered the V. Well I do not see 2,500 people answering those posts or very active on this community in general, not even the half of it. Some may be just too shy to join, some may fear some bashing, some may have different reasons, in any case I do not think that anybody can/should put a word in a name of a silent person.


What’s your basis to say that?

Beside a very few people, I have no idea who actually is an HEB or EB. Only the Team could know exactly and they of course can’t display such information.
Actually I suspect that many EB were not active on the community and started to join as they realized the project was delayed and that it is the only way to get updates. In this sense the date mentioned in the profile might not be of much help (except maybe for the very latest ones).


I am sure they do.
As well as I am sure that my customers in a same situation would be pissed at me if I offered them such situation…
Now the situation is bit different and we all knew (I hope) that there would be some risk signing-up a crowd funding project. Nevertheless it is not being against Eve to say that while they did a great job, some other things could be enhanced.

In my opinion Eve`s team either shared too much information either not enough. Objectively they have been quite transparent about many things, but this only creates new expectations. If you are getting used to a daily update and that nothing comes for a small period, or if no clear schedule comes for an option, then you are entitled to think that something is not running well.
And objectively again, time to time some information was not very consistent from one update to another, although this was mostly true at the beginning of the project.

Now, I do not think that this is a bashing to say that the schedules were too optimist in the past… and I did follow and believe those.
Nevertheless at the same time, some so called “pessimist” or “whiny” in this community were (unfortunately) right so far with regards to schedule. Some made a prognostic for September when the target was only June-July. We are now mid of November.
Maybe that some should (re)read the story of Cassandra…

We all hope for the best but time line is getting shorter. As much as it doesn’t deserve me, due to my own constraints, I very much agree with @pauliunas when he says that Eve should have been more conservative for their late estimates.
Nevertheless I still believe in Eve, I acknowledge the progresses they made as well as the evolution of the V and I cross my fingers for the best! :smile:

As last word on this topic, I believe that instead of loosing time for sterile debate, it would probably be interesting to have some kind of project review after ALL Vs are delivered, as a kind of sign-off, under the condition to get constructive remarks of course(not just bashing Eve, or a community member). In my field I proceed this with my customers, but this will be for the Team to decide whether it makes sense and under which format.


3 years in Wuhan, electricity shortages were very rare and never lasted few days but hours. Also Factory always got a pre-warning, although it could be very short notice indeed.
China is a big country and I guess that this is pretty much dependent on where you live. A general rule can surely not be made.
Honestly I am surprised that Shenzhen area is suffering such shortage but for me anything can happen in China. I guess that Huawei must have their own emergency generators :wink:


or no payment upfront. And I think this is the main reason people gets out of their sense…my opinion.


Feel bad for Musk. Seems like whether it is SpaceX or Tesla there are outsiders that are trying to bring him down. Hope he learns that being 20% reliant on suppliers for parts/systems is still not as good as being 100% self reliant.


Anybody else got a SMS from FedEx? :confetti_ball:


Seriously? That would be so awesome! :slight_smile:


You say it like you have got a SMS notification… wait did you??


Congrats! Where are you from?


Have you ordered something else…or did EVE just troll us with their last update about the electricity going down :stuck_out_tongue: