10.11 Update and Warning: SPOILERS COMING SOON!



It depends on how loudly they’re typing obviously.


No they cannot set such schedule. They will not be facing backers. They will face market customers. Less customers will purchase if they set up such timeline.


Though webstore orders will I suspect be very different timeline as a stock of Vs may be able to be built up.

@Masters888 insight into the ramping up of manufacturing very well, so once production is working smoothly, market customers will be well served.

No consolation for those that have waited circa a year, but there was at least a decent discounted price they paid


The thing is, with how transparent they are being, they basically are sharing their internal deadlines. I personally love the transparency, and honestly? I wish that a lot more companies were as transparent as Eve has been. Maybe they could’ve estimated way into the future as their “public” timeline, and kept talking about their internal timeline? No, that wouldn’t work well anyways because people wouldn’t read the big sticky banner message. They’d probably close out of it so they could focus on the posts >_> It’s a lose-lose situation unless they hide their internal deadline. Oh wait, then they wouldn’t be as transparent as they are now. Hmm… Yup. A lose-lose-lose situation I guess. :frowning:


I was one of the prototype testers and I was really exited about the quality even in the beta phase.
After the beta testing phase we made a long way thru the display problems which costs us a lot of time. And for sure in addition we had the normal delay as all the indigogo/kickstarter projects have.

The diffrence to 95% of the other projects I backed was that the overall communication over the time was really good.
I remember this 3D printer buccaneer or other projects which in the end failed and I lost my money … this project really was diffrent.

Eve and the team shared a lot of the insights from the production (in detail where many other companies would say its confidential) which was an additional value for me.
Now the first batches are produced and ready for delivery and we could see them on the picture of konsta.

So a very big milestone is reached and I am very happy and celbrate it with a big smile on my face the hole day and I communicated it to my family and friends :grinning:.

Now I couldnt wait to finally get my V parcel in about 2 weeks (as a Hyper early bird) and start playing arround with the final V and read all the upcoming press releases and the feedback of us backers in the forum.


yeah. That’s gonna hurt the reputation of EVE


I doubt it. They’ll most likely inform them what Vs are being given
KitKat mentioned specifically scratch and camera lens dust, so things that don’t really affect the device all too much. Camera lens dust affects the camera okay sure but I don’t think reviewers woudl really care all too much about how well Eve takes pictures.


Yeah, well I have. Just look at this most recent deadline: “start of November”. It was November 10-11, then 11-12, now next week, and God knows how many times they’ll postpone it again. It’s a total fiasco. I really wish they would finally learn the lesson, but judging by current situation they haven’t. As I said, the current deadline is too strict once again.

After they missed the deadline? Come on, that’s not how it works.

November has 30 days. End of November = November 30, period.

Well, then give them updates. Just like they’re they’re giving updates now. They’re perfect. I didn’t say change the update schedule, just the deadline.


Somehow, everyone is a bit right as far as the time line is concerned, it’s bad to specify but also not too far behind that scares new buyers.
I had to set up a web shop in my company and also my time line was clearly backwards nobody had guessed.


Funny thing is that this isn’t even true


I am pretty sure in all fairness to the team, that they honestly actually believed the deadlines they were setting.

I don’t for a moment think they knew or could have done any better given the circumstances.
I can imagine their frustration and disappointment was much higher than any of the frustration and disappointment shown here in this forum.

Their disappointment and frustration would have been further increased because they are the ones being hammered by the unrelenting critics on this site.

They would have felt enormous pressure to have the V’s out months earlier, not in the coming days.
Afterall they are just as young and inexperienced as many members here.
Only “They” had the guts to put their “Arse” on the line.

Let’s also not forget this was a crowdfunded project from IndieGoGo and that there was No Guarantee and there was always a “Risk”. The Team has done a remarkable job to make sure that our money was not risked or lost. Just a delay that could not have been avoided because of outside factors. I can easily live with that.

In my opinion they deserve Praise and Encouragement not criticism!

Our only risk was a relatively small amount of money that will not kill or really seriously hurt us if it was lost.
I’m certain now that none of the backers will lose their money.
(Please note my words “relatively and seriously” as I realise it may be a lot of money for a few people. I am referring the majority.)

But our resident critics offer little or no real solution, or perhaps some sense of attempted understanding or any other viable alternative for the problems the team has faced. Yet they just keep on with their unrelenting bashing and criticism.

I am staggered that even now the resident critics and detractors are still at it and offer no solution or alternative.
Just a constant barrage of criticism. We all know you are pissed, we don’t need to have it constantly repeated.

Perhaps as suggested the Team should have said a February 2018 delivery a few months ago, and then delivered in mid and late November as I am sure they will.

I am sure their timelines were most likely what they considered Realistic.
Especially given the information they would have been told by their suppliers and assembly company.
They cannot help that this information given by outsiders who are NOT under their control, has now proven to be inaccurate.

They simply do not have the luxury of experience to have been more conservative in their estimates of time. Anyone who thinks otherwise is dreaming or possibly deluded.

In my opinion their biggest mistake the Team made, was to be far too open and too transparent to the community.
I don’t know of any other company who are brave or maybe silly enough to do this.
This kind of transparency is unheard of in the corporate world and makes life for them harder than is needed.

This transparency has bitten them with the disparaging comments from people who don’t understand or appreciate the facts!!!

Some people as I have said before have little or no understanding of the realities of manufacturing for the first time in China. And because they don’t understand those problems and difficulties faced, they don’t forgive the team for factors outside of their control. To me these people are little more that keyboard warriors and armchair critics with no real on the ground experience.

I feel quite sure, the critical comments are not appreciated by the larger majority.
If those critics think they have a lot of support for their views then I suggest that they organise a poll.
This will show whether they have the support or not, rather than guessing and assuming.

As somebody posted earlier, if this was another of the many of forums out there, you would have been kicked off ages ago for your attitude.

Yes you are entitled to post your opinions here.
I am just as entitled to post my opinion here as well.
We all have that right here.

You have said your peace, and people have disagreed with you, so let it go.

Perhaps on the other hand, If you are so bitterly disappointed and unhappy with the delays and problems
I think there is an easy solution for you.

Let someone else take your V order so you are no longer at risk and you can end your disappointment.
I would bet there are plenty of people who are waiting for the web site who would be more than willing to happily take your place and they might even give you a premium on what you paid.
At least you could then say you made a profit from Eve.


As long as the reviewers are informed about that it should be fine.


No griping, whining, or complaining here! I’m unsure why so many on here are hostile and unfairly critical of @Team ; they’re quite obviously doing their best as it’s in their best interest to do so. They may have been ambitious but I hardly find fault with that. I appreciate their honesty, knowing full well it’s never easy to share disappointing news. Their candor is refreshing and invites my support. I’m happy for the opportunity to be an early investor and look forward to taking delivery of the one promise they made - to deliver a 2in1 the community wanted.


What is this based on? have you spoken to the larger majority to confirm this?

Perhaps for you, but again I don’t see how you can assume that that is the case for the wider community. This is a lot of money for me.

Where do you see that? I just see a few people stating their disappointment that there are further delays and the way the delays were reported. I don’t see the Eve team being attacked in the comments raised.

I disagree. A number of solutions have been put forward, such as reporting delays when they occur rather than afterwards, setting expectations beforehand, setting realistic estimates, apologising for delays.

A completely inappropriate statement. It’s statements like this that put the community in a bad light.

My feeling (and this is my feeling - not the wider community, because I don’t know that) is this: Developing something like the V is is incredibly challenging, and the Eve Team have been affected by many things outside their control. They do a great job keeping in touch with us regularly and also not being willing to let the quality slip just to meet the original timescales. I’m always impressed with their tremendous passion to create the best 2-in-1 ever and their belief in the V. Even so, there are definitely improvements that they could make on communication and setting expectations and estimates. Helios above states that he feels that they can improve their communication. And if backers have concerns, they should be permitted to raise them, as long as they are not personal attacks or otherwise inappropriate.


Are you ppl. now done ?
Can i come back and read Q&A or do i need to scroll down 20 comments to find the teams answer somewhere ?


You are right, and as you can see people can freely post their opinions about the device here, but at the same time those critical of others should remember that they do not suddenly have the right to silence those who wish to offer an alternative view of the situation and having one does not make one a fanboy or otherwise.

The door swings both ways.


Did you check it?


Well it wasn’t me, that said it in the first place :wink: soo the facts should usually be checked before saying it…


I can play your game and say that you should prove that I’m not right … :wink:

But my guess was based on dates when some opponents joined forum. Maybe you have better info.


No consolation for those that have waited circa a year, but there was at least a decent discounted price they paid

Big Dutch support for this statement :star_struck::joy: