10.11 Update and Warning: SPOILERS COMING SOON!



This is exactly what we thought in April and then before Computex …, then in September …, then …


The difference is that now we all can see the finished units packed into shipping boxes ready to go. It’s not vaporware anymore.


Great to hear that shipping day is almost here! I hope the team is enjoying a strong feeling of accomplishment and planning to give themselves a little downtime soon. Although there have been delays and mistakes that deserved scrutiny and questioning I firmly believe that things have gone exactly as they should have. I always hoped that the original timeline would hold but I wasn’t surprised when it didn’t and never really felt as if it should have either.

Eve is a young company who chose to make their first run at producing a 2in1 a project with the goal of doing something groundbreaking. 0-Holy S#$T Awesome doesn’t work out well for very many small businesses. There was going to be problems with this project from the start. That’s just reality and anyone who thinks otherwise is lying to themselves. That’s why I look at the integrity that Eve has shown as the gauge for how to judge this project. They’ve always done the right thing and shown that they are committed to making us the best product they can. That’s why I’m ok with the delays. That’s why I’m wiling to cut them slack on the mistakes. That’s why I don’t mind a lack of updates and changes to the timeline even though I really want to know what’s going on and I wish I had gotten my V months ago.

I know what it’s like to work on something as un underdog with limited resources. You can’t predict every issue and you’re operating from a place of limited experience. When problems arise you can either cut corners and rush the project to completion for short-term profits (which hurts you long-term) or you can make the hard decision to settle in, get things done right and set you and your customers up for long-term success. It would have been so easy for Eve to let profits move up the priorities list and let go of the deep connection to the community. Shareholders of large, successful corporations don’t get the dedication and personal connection that we have received from Eve. Sure, they get money but their connection with the corp is a hollow business transaction and their opinions don’t really matter. There’s no depth there.

I’m happy because things have been done with integrity. That’s a commodity that’s in short supply these days. I’ll put up with a lot as long as things are being done with truly good intentions. I feel that if I’m unwilling to reciprocate Eve’s good will then I have no right to expect it and that would make me just another person who is only in this for what I can get out of them. I can go buy a 2in1 as that type of person from lots of companies. I’ll pay more, get less and my opinion will be worth nothing.

So, if any of @Team ever find yourselves in my neck of the woods, free skiing and snow tubing is on me, I’ve got hard apple cider fermenting in the basement, the hot tub is on and the internet connection is good enough to keep you connected but slow enough to force you forget about heavy work and relax. Cheers!


That’s exactly what was said before too …


You know, at first I was positive like you, I believed that a few hiccups wouldn’t stop Eve… but now I’ve seen that they really can’t keep their promised deadlines. They’ve proven that multiple times and as time goes I believe less and less things would change.

I totally understand and I’m not blaming Emdoor or anyone for this… I can’t even blame Eve because it’s their first large scale project, and setting the right deadlines as well as expecting the right trouble comes with experience. What I’m saying is they should make more conservative promises for now. For example, when they promise a shipment date, that should not be the same as their internal deadlines. Better promise something that everyone can actually believe in and not be let down, and set a much stricter deadline internally (like a month earlier). So instead of saying “HEB will ship end of October / start of November” they could have said “HEB will ship by the end of November”. That way, they would still be on schedule right now, and nobody would be whining because Eve never broke their promise. Now, remind me how many times they’ve already pushed back the ship date? Not counting the ones before “end of October”. 2? 3? If they had promised “end of November”, there wouldn’t have been a need for any negative news. The community would be happy, and maybe we would even get a nice surprise if the devices ship on like November 16th. Right now, it seems a pleasant surprise is impossible. And there seems to be a significant chance of another “unpleasant” surprise, because their deadline is quite tight again.


There’s a good reason why big companies wait until volume manufacturing before even announcing their products.

That’s not something Eve can do given their mission statement.
So what can they do?
I agree with Pauliunas - provide transparent updates about roadblocks and obstacles as they happen rather than when they’re in the rear-view mirror.

But I feel like I’ve said this a lot of times before on here, and each time I get shouted down, so whatever. The prevailing community opinion seems to be that people who dropped four figures a year ago have no right to be frustrated, no right to ask for updates, no right to be kept informed.
Not for me, thanks, and good luck in future, tbh.


The funniest thing is - most of those who are shouting you and others down did not invest a cent into EVE V.


I completely agree with you about giving more conservative estimates. 3 things though-

  1. I haven’t seen anything to suggest Eve isn’t learning this lesson and I think this point really goes without saying. It’s an obvious lesson to learn and I’m pretty sure they’ve taken it to heart.

  2. They have made adjustments in their estimates and gotten more conservative over time.

  3. The community wouldn’t be happier right now. Any time they do give an estimate that is as conservative as your suggestion of “HEB will ship by the end of Nov” there are a quite a few people who take issue with it not being precise enough. If they give an update that sets a date that is a month away it leaves too much “dead” time for some people who then start complaining about lack of updates. They got a lot of push back demanding more transparent and frequent updates. So, they did that and then the same people complained about every little detail that changed from one update to the next. It’s a lose-lose scenario.

My question is…When will we all realize that things will never be perfect and deal with it like the reasonable adults living professional lives that we all claim to be?

My point is…Eve will never be able to do anything right if people always find something wrong with their actions no matter what they are.


Right? I clearly stated I got the i7 fully loaded V which cost over $1400 before making any “harsh” statements and there are new accounts saying this is what I essentially signed up for. I had a conversation with @Mike and I am looking forward to his response after his meeting.


The experience part is quite important imho.

Not only form EVE team part, but with emdoor. Doing things how they are doing it is new for them too. Just how many times do you think a manufacturer has allowed unfiltered/censored acces to the production and test facilities?
Going so far as to allow things that must have sound “excentric” to say the least. (The CEO wants to be part of the assembly what!? He wants us to throw the device from what height?)

It is also truth that with this way of doing things, Emdoor has learned a lot, and I’m sure that from now on the production of other devices aside from the V will benefit from it. (Donald Wheres your Doookeeer…:rofl:)


Thanks a lot for bringing local knowledge thus calming unnecessary tensions in this thread.


I’m on same page as you.


I know, I’m only limited bird… but let’s see… hope they will not deliver the limited birds at the end of february… cuz there may be an issue with packaging or else. :stuck_out_tongue: .
Just, dont over excited when giving us an update next time, there’s what we called : “worst case” you know… keep it up! personally I still trust you - team! for now.

good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update. Right now I am not that worried about the timeline - week or two one way or the other doesn’t really matter after waiting for a year for the device. I’ve known since August I won’t have it for my travel / events season of 2017 which was my original hope. At some point I was worried about loosing my money altogether, now it seems this risk is not very probable. So I am not that nervous anymore.

Wait, I am a bit nervous if EVE’s shipping process is good enough to avoid Polish customs. :slight_smile: But as long as my V is shipped on its final leg from somewhere within the EU it would be fine.


Oh man, I had a terrible experience with customs when my prototype was delivered : D

But the production model will be sent from EU, so, you know. I think no problems should be expected.


It seems that there is good news from Intel, indirectly related to EVE V CPU. Intel HD Graphics 615 is listed there.

HDR Launch Driver
Windows* Mixed Reality† Launch Driver

Get busy waiting few more days …


@ianseer - I sure hope not! I am still optimistic for the timeline laid out for a December delivery for the LB’s.
@Emin - I assumed Poland falls into the EU category for post, so here’s to a painless delivery!
@andonl - This is cool; since some units have already been made and boxed, I await one of the first folks to receive the unit to try and share their experiences with this update.


I’ve said it before, but companies purposely give the soonest possible date because it’s the best marketing decision. It upsets you to find out the v been delayed, but if you knew it was coming a month later than when it was originally stated, more people would have bought a different device. You may be disappointed now but most if not all are still planning on buying a device or keeping one they have already bought. Do you think the people checking these forums would have waited if they were told immediately that they had to wait a further month before they can purchase one?

Also wow. So many people claiming they are shouted at or bullied because they say something and someone disagrees with them and provides logical points as to why they are incorrect.

So if anyone responds to my post and says anything negative, or simply DOESN’T agree that everything I say is correct. That means I’m being shouted at and bullied right?


I think in the case of Eve, it is much less marketing than the ‘Musk Syndrome’ of being too positive with deadline estimates and then finding out that some part ina big and complicated production chain has a kink in it.


You hit a point it seems. :upside_down_face: