10.11 Update and Warning: SPOILERS COMING SOON!



You should keep in mind, that the more they produce the more they learn from their mistakes which happened while they assembled the 150 units.


I agree that the @Team is doing an amazing job in order to deliver quality Hardware. No doubt here. In fact I was really impressed by how well bumps and mishaps along the way (the screen being the major one of course) were handled and how quickly solutions could be found! However I was wondering how between power outages and individual display calibration the aforementioned timeline is realistic.
In any case I´ve got my fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan next week so that we can finally see the V in action in hopefully loads of reviews! I really hope @Team and the V get the media coverage they deserve! :slight_smile:


Thanks for this. Everything you say makes sense, but I still want to caution readers that there could still be further snags. Until the production ACTUALLY ramps up, nothing is certain. I can see people are a little frustrated by today’s update. From my perspective, it’s about what I expected based on previous communication from Eve.
Lets not assume that we will definitely have out Vs dispatched by the end of next week. People are only setting themselves up for disappointment if they do that.



It’s obvious they’re not at full speed yet.

But I don’t expect any unusual or unrealistic snags from here on. I doubt they will have another electricity problem soon.

I’ve never been disappointed here after placing my order because I understand what they are doing and I understand China.

Given the Teams experience, I feel that nothing they have encountered could have been foreseen or better handled. I think they have done amazingly well given their youth, finances, circumstances and experience.


Great news… only the amount of negativity from some in this thread is a bit of a dampener… everyone was red hot with excitement when the journey started … Only fools would believe it would be plain sailing… I guess we have a few in the group…
I applaud @Konstantinos and all the crew and partners who have made this happen …
Now for the result of all that effort, my and others trust and money ;)…
I can’t wait to receive my shipment … I’m 70 but feel like a child about to receive a special gift…


Remember, they had the same problems last week, just in a different factory… So who knows, maybe this will continue next week too…


@Konstantinos dont forget to update the “The revolution starts with you” thread.
It is still the best and easier place to follow deadlines and updates


Oh Paul!

Why do you often insist on expecting the worst?

I don’t share the same sentiments or expectations as you.
I expect people to usually learn from mistakes and improve.
However sometimes, though fortunately for me that it’s rare, and I’m proven wrong

Lets see what happens at the end of next wee, shall we?

BTW Your new pic is a good move I think.


@pauliunas @Richardxchen
Sometimes our logic does not include the local ‘our environment here’ factor.
Living myself in a country where water supply and or electricity availability is a never sure item, I cannot blame a factory or its staff for water and/or electricity supply rupture.
In well organized countries the picture and the blame pointer settings are just different. :hugs:


We cannot plan for the unexpected, agreed. I see frustration from few folks and appreciation from others. Both are understandable and everybody has the right to express their feelings.

Re: Communication from the @Team
If everything goes according to the plan the community receives the updates on the project immediately and that includes planned and unplanned updates.

If something did not go according to the plan, due to the unexpected, the community won’t receive the updates until the last minute. And generally those updates which did not go according to the plan are coupled with good updates.

According to “current project status here”, 200 devices will be produced on Nov 9th and 250 devices will be produced on Nov 10th. In this case, the community did not receive the update until the last minute about the work accomplished on Nov 9th and Nov 10th. And moreover this update was coupled with good news about 150 devices.

The frustration showed by few folks in this thread could have been avoided, if there was an update on Nov 9th and Nov 10th from @Team.

Request regarding updates from @Team:
Going forward can the community have daily updates, for example: in this case, according to @Konstantinos 200 devices will produced on Nov 13th and 250 devices will be produced on Nov 14th. Can the community have updates by end of the day Nov 13th and Nov 14th?

We all are in this together, if @Team succeeds we succeed, if @Team fails we fail. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions. Have a good weekend !!!


Daily updates are great as long as everything workes as planed. But if everything goes as planed, the update will not bring anything new over the already posted plan. When something goes wrong, there might not be a plan to solve the problem till the next day. From a business perspective, posting problems with no follow up plan is not good.

I’m really happy that we finally have devices completely produced, tested, calibrated, packaged and ready for delivery. This is the moment I waited for 18 months. A few days more or less to hold my V in my hands will not make any difference :smiley:


well, I’m glad my V is getting produced by experienced staff :smiling_imp:


Because he is 90% right with those expectations :slight_smile:

I expect that too, however past has shown that many people repeat their mistakes over and over again, and - sorry to say - Eve is no exception in this regard. So Paul expecting the worst is quite reasonable.


I believe coupling good news with a delayed bad news is not good for business. If something did not go according to the plan, the best way not to raise the hopes of the community is by providing an update on the delayed bad news and a feasible plan of attack. I agree not everytime a feasible plan of attack is possible. But by saying “we are looking into it” will actually calm the nerves.


Since when is your name Paul?


Since I share the same thinking in this regard I took the freedom to speak in place of him. If that’s a problem for Paul I’ll edit my comment of course :slight_smile:


@Masters888: Thanks for adding your insights into the world of Chinese manufacturing!

@PBem: I’ll get right on that. I’ve held off on the update until this post went live (and was then asleep when it did)…

@Hari_Polukonda: I agree that there is much we can improve in communication. We were doing pretty well, until half the team traveled to China and is not just out of touch with the community, but also with the other half of the team, for a lot of the time. It’s something we’ll need to work to improve!

Whilst I see the merits of waiting until we have more to say than “something went wrong, we don’t know anything right now”, I also understand that it enforces a ‘no news is bad news’-vibe.

That all said, every step now takes us visibly closer to our backers each holding their very own V. And even as someone who will have to wait for the second batch to ship before I get my own, I’m super excited to hear all about it from all of you who get it in the first batch!


Appreciate your response @Helios.


I’ve seen that a lot in the past with announcements of delays being reported as “good news”. While delays are often outside the control of the Eve team, and I think we all understand that, there’s no harm apologising for the delays, especially to those impacted by this most recent delay that committed their money to the project almost a year ago expecting to receive the V in Feb/March. I think that acknowledgement would help to alleviate much of the frustration that some feel.


I agree that it is time to stop the griping and whining about delays; at this point that is irrelevant and distracting. It is clear that our V’s will soon be on their way to us. Let’s all be positive and look forward to receiving these amazing machines and put them to use. I know I am eagerly awaiting mine (in the limited bird group). Just a few more weeks, and my V will be here! Many thanks to the @Team for their continued dedication and hard work!