10.11 Update and Warning: SPOILERS COMING SOON!




Well done!

I remain excited and anxious to receive my V in due course, and look forward to using it.

Keep up the good work and my congratulations!


I’m suggesting reliability and legitimacy of both manufacturers and eve. Sorry that I cannot voice out the msg.


You’re great. Thanks for calming down this thread in a way nobody else as you could. You’re awesome in a “grandpa” way! Thanks again…

Why are you so passive in the community?

It’s a pleasure! I’m Happy to help.

There is far too much running off at the mouth (fingers) without engaging their brains first.

We’re nearly there, only a few days to go.

There’s No need for complaining and whinging anymore.


Holy crap this thread is friggin hostile. Calm down people. We’re finally getting our V’s! How are you all complaining!?! @Konstantinos I’m super happy about this news. Thanks for keeping us as updated as possible and continuing to change your flight @Team thanks for all the hard work, travel and time committed to this endeavor. Every one of you guys have sacrificed a great deal to make this happen, which is no small feat @pauliunas you keep every thread interesting. Just putting that out there. @Mike if your ever in Las Vegas let’s hookup no homo. LET’S GET OUR V’S


Thanks for the update, @Konstantinos. As someone with manufacturing experience, you can never underestimate the various pitfalls, roadblocks, and challenges associated with the path to market. People here need to remember that they have played a huge part in seeing the Eve product come to fruition, and have been privy to an extremely rare, backstage look at the everyday challenges manufacturers face. In reality, if Eve had taken a traditional R&D and release route, none would be the wiser. I applaud you and the Eve team for your unwavering diligence, and for maintaining a positive attitude throughout the process - I know it wasn’t easy. Thank you for the continued communication and for never giving in to accept less-than-quality components. I really do feel like you’ve had the customer’s best interest in mind at every step of the way. I know it’s going to be a fantastic product, and can’t wait to receive mine, soon. Keep up the good work!


I cannot control my excitement !! I am just waiting for the device to come for sale on webshop :hugs::hugs:


Thank you for the update. Lets hope the electricity wont malfuncture once more.


Congratulations @Team, Liabalo(? I forgot the spelling, sorry!), Emdoor, Sharp, and everyone else that I missed who helped move the Eve V further and faster than it could have gone without your help.I hope that you all will remain friends and have a long standing relationship with the goal of releasing awesome products. Thank you all for all that you do.

Sincerely and with utmost gratitude,
An extremely patient and thankful Limited Backer.


Woo hoo! Brilliant news and I have to echo the words of others to recognise the hard work and sacrifice the whole team have put in. It isn’t easy I bet for not just the team but their family and loved ones, so special shout out to them too!


Yeah. This sounds good. Shipping the HEB Vs is one step closer to tHe Web Shop opening.

Waiting for that. Money is waiting for to be spent on one i5, 256 GB V.


To be fair, this update is about a delay. I think it’s important that everyone is allowed to speak their mind here (within reason).


Can you tell me the expected price? I also have to keep my savings aside for this.


Very cool to see it all coming together! @Konstantinos I’m just wondering how you’ll manage to produce 450 devices in two days if the past 2 weeks only yielded 150. Don’t get me wrong I’m super pumped for the Webshop to open and to finally order a V but something about those recent updates just seems iffy.
I hope all goes according to plan from here on out for you guys though :slight_smile:
I’m also really excited for the first reviews come out! Hope people share all their V experiences :heart_eyes:


No I can’t. There is still no official price.

My personal hope is that the i5/256 GB version is between 1000$ and 1300$. Including pen and keyboard.


It’s not easy to think like a consumer for a company to ditch any enterprise partner, which works with you for a long time or from beginning. Unless the company is big enough and had at the beginning multiple options for several vendors.
Eve is a small company and has an agile team and still has lots of room for improvement. But they are putting pretty much effort to get out their first complete product, and i think it’s still good enough to for us to see result and for eve to give time to their partners for improvement of efficiency.


I’m even checking my mail couple times a day, just to be sure, that V wasn’t sent already as a surprise. Yea I’m desperate.


Hi @Konstantinos great news man, could you please clarify, are you waiting until all HEB units are ready before shipping them together or are you shipping the HEB units in batches e.g. Ship 150 on Monday, ship X on Tuesday and ship Y on Wednesday? Thanks


I hope this goes some way to answering some questions about the processes.

Having had some experience in manufacturing, I will try to explain how Emdoor could easily produce 450 devices in 2 days or probably even less.

I feel sure a company such as Emdoor has the capacity to produce more than 1000 devices each day maybe they can produce much more than that. I’m not privy to that information.

When a manufacturing process, such as building/assembling the V, has begun for the first time. It is necessary to go very slowly and work out and solve each and every bottleneck or potential problem situation that might arise.

They might have parts that don’t fit as well as planned and have to modify or get replacements fast, just as they found with the screen cables. This is perfectly normal in a first run manufacturing process.

This is the time, during the first batch, that they go slowly to iron out ALL the bugs as best they can.

I am certain this was what took the time and how it was done with the first 150 units.
They did not want to have 150 rejects because they went too fast for the “LEARNING” process.
(As we know from Konsta’s post there are already some rejects. They can’t afford to have too many rejects)

Now that they have completed the first 150, they can take the brakes off and go faster. Then next week, I’m sure the assembly team at Emdoor will speed up and produce the next 450, in a faster time.

You need to keep in mind that each and every V is individually tested and individually hand calibrated for colour accuracy and consistancy. (This process is unique to EVE and this alone makes things slower than your average producer/manufacturer.)

We can already tell from the last year on this forum that the Team is dedicated to giving you the highest quality and precision they can in your V.

I would say that I’m fairly sure the next big batch of V’s - 2500+ will be produced by what will then be, a very experienced and knowledgeable team of Chinese assemblers who are well and truly familiar with the V.
By then they will have worked out all the correct ways and short cuts.


Resounding success imho.
Please post again this time next week.
Having done a lot of work with outsourcing partners myself - just changing the supplier of Coca Cola is easy.
But in V‘s case it is not and you have to do everything to make the relationship work without compromising on product quality. That is really a very difficult balancing act. And even more so cros-culturally.
Hats off to the team here.