10.11 Update and Warning: SPOILERS COMING SOON!



Hello Eve family!

Happy to announces that we have 150 devices ready! All of them have been produced, QCd, color calibrated and packaged. We have 250 more to go on Monday, 200 more on Tuesday and then we will be shipping them this week. I have changed my flight tickets for the last time as production is nearing its end. I will be back in finland and community end of this week! You should be getting your devices very soon. Limited birds schedule still holds for end November start December shipment!

We couldn’t produce devices on last Thursday and Friday as the district where the factory is located did not have electricity for 3 days due to reconstruction. Yeah I would not believe it and think it’s a lame excuse myself but it seems to happen in Shenzhen pretty often.

Are you excited? We all are! We can’t wait to see your first impressions, hands on and review videos, pictures and posts. A new forum category will be available soon for everyone to share these in. It’s time to finally get your hands on the computer you developed!

As we ship out Vs, some will end up for review at the press and influencers that you wanted us to send units. Great news is that most of them wanted to test the first crowd-developed 2-in-1 computer, so expect many reviews, unboxing videos and benchmarks to appear soon!

We are sending press units that otherwise might have been rejected because of a little scratch on the housing etc or camera lense dust. Press units are shipped different way than backers as we ship backers from local warehouses to make sure that units are not held up at customs. While press devices are shipped from Hong Kong directly as they follow different customs clearance process.


If you are reposting a press video or article, the right forum category for that is #community:media-awareness. Make sure to mention in the subject line that there are spoilers ahead. Cheers!

Also, if you share with us your experiences with the V (and please do!), please use the spoiler feature for any content with potential spoilers. Let’s make sure that all backers will be able to get as much joy out of the unboxing experience as possible! :slight_smile:

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Happy unboxing everyone! Things are looking great!

Community Digest 11.11
Concerns about loose cable

That’s great news.

I have many times experienced things that are different in China then here. But one or three more day… we will survive.


@Konstantinos - any updates about 1 TB drives?


@Konstantinos When you say “We have 250 more to go on Monday, 200 more on Tuesday and then they will be shipped next week.” Do you mean next week from now or the week after Monday/Tuesday when the devices are finished being built?


I mean Monday 13th November.
@Lukas_Fikr we will post about the SSD as soon as we have an update there. No delay is foreseeable now!


One thing I have been wondering a while…
How would the backers devices that would be shipped to Hong Kong, be shipped?


Sorry I meant is the shipping the week after the Monday or later in the same week?


We have a local delivery for them I think I need to double check with @myien


We will be shipping them out of the factory this week. Once they are assembled and packed.


@Konstantinos - sorry, but I heard this phrase too many times already …


Somehow I think this excuse (no electricity) reflects the unreliability of emboor (emdoor? I forgot the factory name). I think the electricity shortage is scheduled. The crash to the ‘accident’ is caused by lack of communication.

Lots of factories are located @shenzhen. I don’t think the gov would cut the electricity without notice. Otherwise manufacturers would set up bases outside Shenzhen.

You can amend the timeline all you want to the backers be cuz we ‘signed into this’, as some suggested what indiegogo is.

You should face this question. When the device is available in webstore, how many excuses you can make? Legitimacy is 1 critical factor in company success. You have great device in V. If you cannot deliver the promised timeline, customers will be gone

Why are you so passive in the community?

@Konstantinos, I know you mean well, and I hope you are not offended by my many posts; however, you need to get better supply chain management, fire Emdoor and work with partners that will not screw you, your company and your backers over. Thank you for staying optimistic and figuring sh*t out when they don’t go to plan.


Expect the week of Thanksgiving for delivery. If you read between the lines, it took them 2 weeks to produce 150 and QC, calibrate them. To go through QC and calibration for 450 is going to take longer than Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and apparently they don’t work weekends.


aren’t you worried that because you’re shipping out rejected units to the press, they will unfairly judge the V?


“Rejected” units, because of cosmetic damage caused in the testing and manufacturing process?


They are rejected in a way that they wouldn’t come to users.

@Richardxchen thanks!


not top quality I’m gathering?


Probably cosmetic damage. Better than sending a “perfect” device out that could have gone to a backer. I respect this move 100%.


Yes, agreed. That’s what I had guessed and would have expected.
Some slight cosmetic damage from testing etc.
But with the internals and working components in otherwise perfect order.


I live in China 6 - 8 months of the year.

Utility stoppages are so common and a fact of life.

From my experience I would say it has absolutely nothing to do with Emdoor and I would guess it’s totally out of their control.

I live in a high end (46 buildings of 11 storeys each. - 2500 families - Mostly foreigners) compound built and managed by a South Korean company.

We get electricity failures every few months and lose water supply at least once a month. The authorities are always updating facilities and utilities to cope with the constant growth in China.

There is no need to blame Eve or their suppliers unless you know for absolute certain what the facts are.

Changing more suppliers, especially the main assembler, half way through may have meant a 2018 delivery.

Most factories work on Saturday. However China has many holiday and special celebration type days that get in the way of having an uninterrupted production schedule. (I guess you would know what these days are?)

I would suppose that the Eve Team are still learning about when these days are, and next time they will be better prepared and plan it more accurately.