"0x0@6554Hz" Can't Connect Monitor

Hello, this is my first topic I’m posting about in need of some help.


  • 2017 iMac 5K
  • 48 GB 2400 MHz DDR4
  • 3.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5


  • I want to connect my 2 Eve Monitors to my iMac as 2 separate displays (3 displays in total with iMac).
  • I want to daisy chain my 2 Eve Monitors together to bridge it to my iMac.

The Problem:

  • 1 of my monitors works great, connects to my iMac via USB-C perfectly no issues.
  • When I use the same USB-C from above, disconnect my working monitor, my other monitor doesn’t connect to my iMac.
  • When I open up my other monitor it shows “0x0@6554Hz” as the resolution and doesn’t connect at all.
  • Is this a bad unit monitor that I received or am I doing something wrong? I am open to getting any cable/hub to find a solution.

There isn’t enough bandwidth in a USB-C cable to daisy chain a 4k 144hz signal. Daisy chaining is only supported on the 1440p models:

It’s actually only the Model 1 (1440p @ 144Hz) that will support daisy chaining. The upcoming Model 2 (1440p @ 240Hz) shares most of the internals with the Model 3 (4K @ 144Hz) and only the display panel is expected to be different.

I’ve had my Spectrum show strange things in the OSD before. It would always show 0x0@30Hz SDR, even when it’s receiving a 4K@60Hz HDR signal.

The way I fixed this was to go into the OSD > Presets > Load factory defaults, and when that was completed, remove power for a few seconds. The OSD came right after that.


Thank you, sir! This workaround has helped restart the monitor to be able to show a picture. I wish this didn’t have to happen, but a sufficient fix for the time being.