[07.06] Latest updates on shipping schedule and more



Hello Community!

###I know you are all waiting to receive your V, or eager to buy one. Here is the update on shipping schedule:
We ran into additional obstacle with the screens we have received before Computex (5000 screens). The V quality was still not there and supplier disagreed at the last moment to sell us only the good quality screens.
We have looked instantly into several different options and are pushing with local players the best way forwards, for our backers. We have ordered new batch of screens and insisted on stronger QC from our supplier side. The new batch has passed our supplier internal QC and is expected to arrive next Wednesday, 14th of June. After screens arrive to our factory on 14th we will inspect them with our team, and if they pass the quality control we will ship out in around 2 weeks’ time. We will make sure to proceed with the shipment as soon as possible.

The fact is that we are going through this bumpy road with screen supply because we are a small vendor and the high-end screen supplier has not been taking us seriously enough (that is, putting enough effort), comparing to their other huge clients. It is one of the most high end screens on the market and getting it is very challenging. Now after a few rounds, our requirements should be fully understood. We are firing on all cylinders with all our partners, to get the proper goods delivered. They all know, like you do, that further sales of the V will not continue before the first batch is shipped. Everyone has skin in the game. None more than you. I am sorry for the screen-issue!

I know you all want to know the exact dates but this is the most up to date information we have. We are doing our best to get V shipped faster without any affect on quality!

Thank you for your support during the last weeks! We have created an amazing device with you that people loved at Computex. Now we need to ship it!

###And just to add a bit more good news in the end.

It was an insane week for us at Computex. We have received a lot of amazing feedback from journalists and visitors. People are loving V. We have even made it to the best of Computex lists like this one by CNET: https://www.cnet.com/pictures/the-best-of-computex-2017/8/ During Computex all of our focus was on production! We hope that visibility we received during Computex will help us push screen supplier.

Today we have finished production of 600 V keyboards and will soon start producing 2000 more of them. All the other components are in the warehouse too as a result we will keep all of our resources focused on assembling and shipping out Vs.

Below are the pictures from the factory floor:

Short synch up on quality check standards

Approaching keyboard factory building

Freshly painted keyboard modules

Applying pressure to connect back of the keyboard to its front

Attching our glass trackpad to the keyboard housing.

One of the keboards that did not pass th quality check with markers on them indicating what keys did not meet requirenments.


Attaching keboard battery

Tape cutting machine

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In other words, the supplier forced you to buy some bad quality, defective screens.

There are moments where I just go speechless.

This is one of them

According to my calculation, the V will arrive to the backer around the middle of July, am I right?


June 14 + 2 weeks = June 28, shipping takes up to 5 days.


@Team Well done on keeping quality at the forefront. Appreciate the frustration you feel as well re the screens - and thanks for the explanation. Amazing the vendor has that attitude - esp with the Eve/Microsoft link


Thanks for the update and also keeping the quality in top.


Thx for the update, but wow, this gets really annoying especially if since two weeks we didn’t get any update.

So there are good screens in the warehouse and you can not buy them and at least build the first batch? That’s really a bummer…

I was really positive about this project but honestly I am slowly thinking that it would be better to go for another product.

This is getting really really disappointing.


I am dumbfounded that the supplier is backing out on us like that. Thank you Eve team for not shipping the V with the defective screens.


More like June 28+the amount of time for shipping which varies depending on where the receiver is located.


@pauliunas is is about right with estimate. We really can’t be any more precise.


So what will be the difference to the next batch of screens?
They will eventually arrive in some weeks, be defective and then returned. I don’t see an end of this…

I really need a device right now… I know this is not mainly the fault of Eve but of the supplier. Any chance to get into conversation with the supplier to at least buy the screens that are good for the first batch?


This was covered in Konsta’s first paragraph? And presumably the two weeks without update were while the negotiations were taking place


That’s quite the let down, but thanks again for working for the best quality possible.

I’m interested in knowing why there was such a delay on the update. The last update was 3 weeks ago and when Peter said you’d have news to give us on the 7th (3 days before the supposed shipping date), it naturally got most of the community members excited thinking we’d finally be getting the device. Surely someone would have known about this problem at least a week ago (unless you didn’t check your emails while at Computex), and writing a simple post wouldn’t have taken more than a few minutes.


Yes but what kind of negotions are this where you can in last minute change your opinion? A deal is a deal, and it sounded like they made the deal with the supplier to be able only to take the good screens. After all it does make no sense to send back the good screens to the supplier…


Feel sorry for you guys.
I’m sure this are not the news anyone was expecting to be delivered today. booth the @Team and anyone else on the community.

Personally I think is best to wait a few weeks, and get a top notch, quality wise, device, than to get it sooner and have to return it because of a defective screen. But others might think differently.

After Computex, I’m sure the supplier is now no longer dissmising you guys as a small player to be pushed around.


yup, better play it safe to make sure everything’s perfect rather than rushing for a definite deadline :wink:

Keep up the good work! :kissing_heart:


The main difference will be, that we’ve now pushed them to a higher QC standard and for the screens to come we’ve already locked down, that we’ll be able to buy smaller parts of the whole batch (read: Only buy the good screens) as far as I got it (please correct me here if I’m wrong @Konstantinos)

As for the no updates: I’m not in China and thus not completely informed on the discussion with the supplier, but @SteveYork pretty much said what I can see our team doing - trying to get the good screens from the last batch so we can start the production ASAP.


Not to worry. These babies will ship and I will be off on 7 July WITH my V.
Yessiree Bob


Pure speculation: The supplier agreed to inform Eve today, and that info can range anywhere from “the units are ready, we are shipping it today” to “we cannot ship you anything”. Before that, Eve was just as clueless as we were.


Can you confirm you are still trying to keep the good screens of the current batch? It doesn’t make no sense at all to send back good screens to the supplier (at least to me)


I know it’s probably a bit much to ask, but do you have some kind of ETA on when non-backers might get a chance to purchase the Eve V? I’m in the market for a Windows tablet and really want this thing, but I’m starting to worry that it’s not going to be available to the public for a very long time, if at all the way the screen supplier is acting (which obviously is their fault and not Eve’s).