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Hi Community!

Short update from the front lines. Sharp screen samples left the factory floor in Japan and successfully arrived to Hong Kong. Now they will he shipped by DHL to Emdoor in Shenzhen. We should have them either today or very early next week.

I’ll share the tracking number if I get one!

The reason samples took so long in addition to all of the documents we had to fill in is that Sharp had screen samples in Japan and they used internal transportation method to deliver them to Hong Kong. That takes much longer time than DHL. Things are looking better each day!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Very nice ! Thank Konta for the update !


All I can imagine is someone physically carried the samples with him/her and took a boat ride from Japan to HK…



Was seriously thinking about posting “another day, still no samples” so this is great news! Sounds like slow shipping was to blame for the holdup.

Keep up the good work @Team and remember that this hard work will pay off!

@Konstantinos can you confirm how the larger orders of screens for actual production devices will be shipped from Sharp to Emdoor? Internal, DHL or some combo like this set?

Also, if certain community members could restrain themselves and prevent this update from turning into a commentary and grammar that would be much appreciated :grin:


Awesome! Can’t wait for the screens… The pieces are fitting together… I’m so pumped!


Great! We appreciate Eve team persistence, maintaining project objectives without compromise… looking forward to the next update…


thanks for the update.
Now let’s see how good these sharp screens are



The mass production screens will probably come to Hong Kong first and then will sent by air using DHL to the factory



Hope the new screen connector will be easy to fix into the circuitboard with very minimal change.

Base on past experiences, do you think if this sample test going to take long?

Does @Team have to fill another round of documents to bulk load the screen for the production? Hope that all these can be done in parallel to shorten the time in any forms

Again, thanks and have a great weekend


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… and from here on - pretty please - no more grammar related stuff! :pray:


@Konstantinos great Work! So will the larger batch of screens be send parallel to your tests?


I’d like to say no because the testing will confirm whether they’re fit for purpose. But I don’t work for Eve so it’s just an opinion.


I expect they will look Sharp… :wink:


We will give eta asap after we test samples that won’t take long.


That’s great news. Many thanks for the update. Any news on the possible 1TB upgrades?


That is really great news thanks @Konstantinos. I hope that you receive those sharp’s screen today. I wish that the screen has zero default during the QC process and also that we will receive our V soon. I think that the change for the new screen to fit in the V will be quick and very minimal :blush:.


The QC should be fine - we’re mostly having worries about the screen introducing electric signal interference in the V, but if that’s not the case we’re mostly golden :slight_smile:


Dare I ask why? :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


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