0.05 liner update 08.08



Samples are at customs now. They will be released tomorrow or day after tomorrow latest. Emdoor shipping company has them now.

P. S. Yes, we had to change the shipping company to a local car transportation company as DHL was talking too long to pick them up :slight_smile: package did not get shipped on Friday as DHL inquired additional information for shipment. Looking forward to get them tested!

Community Digest 14.08

Love these updates mate, keep them coming! Hopefully not long now! Any decision made on what if anything else will be changed?


0.05! omg hahaha - but on a serious note thanks for the update! means a lot


That’s good news…hope to hear that if DHL is going to be the service used going forward the information required could be anticipated and provided in advance so that we would not face further delays please. Hope to hear the results of the testing and timeline updates soon @Konstantinos!


This 100% depends on what we find out with the samples.

In the ‘best case’ we can use everything as is, and nothing will be changed (except for the screen upgrade, obviously). :slight_smile:


Cool thanks for the mate.


Cool thanks for this update. Just one day or two to wait and the screen’s sample is released.


Thanks for the update and sorry for my mixed emotions: It feels always like you are just reacting to changes. You have to act yourself not just react. Is there a plan what to do if something would not fit or the screen would not fit at all? I hate to point on economics theory but there have to be plans with milestones and aims and possible problems and actions. Not just: now this, then that… We even have no external proof that you are dealing with sharp. How could this be managed? Sorry again, but I like to see more action at this stage… and please send some nice pictures from shenzen maybe with some cad drawings of the V with the new screen…


Great news!
Assuming they’re fine, it seems like they still need to have the digitizers bonded.

That was a secondary issue with screen yellowing. Is that still a potential situation, or has that been completed sorted out?

Thanks again for the mini-updates, they’re great!


The bonding was never an issue i think. The issue was that the screen was just bad in quality (yellowing etc)


Be careful… All the optimisic die hard fans would flame you with ‘give them patience. Trust, not question. There is no evidence that it will fail…’


@dibadibadu I totally get your emotions. We have done everything possible in terms of proactivity.

  • We have studied all available CADs and drawings of the screen samples - on paper everything looks great
  • We ordered new connector cables to make it work with our motherboard.
  • We shared specs and CADs to ouch panel supplier and Housing supplier - on paper everything looks great
  • We have reached out to all of the major LCD suppliers and distributors in search of our old Samsung screen and in search of new potential screens. The only screen that had better performance than the old one and did not require major redesign was the Sharp screen we found. For this search we used Intel’s sourcing network, our connections, Microsoft, Emdoors network.

We don’t see a way to get more proactive now as samples need to be tested to make sure that Sharp screen is good to go. It’s a very complex device with it’s components operating on various frequencies. Things like pen, Charger, Keyboard Bluetooth, Thunderbolt need to be tested to make sure that screen does not interfere with items above in any way!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! That’s what this community is all about! If you got an idea on how we could improve our pro-activity regarding this screen situation we would really love to hear it!

Don’t take my answer the wrong way I do sincerely mean that we would love to know of more ways to be proactive and better at what we do. You do tend to get tunnel vision working on this projects :smiley:


Great work. Hope all testing goes well. Not rocket science as they say but damn close…
Also hope larger SSD is possible but don’t want this to delay anyone’s system for it.
I though, would deal with a delay for it as I believe this would extend the usability of this device.

In any case, thanks for all the hard work, remember to take time for a (good) beer a now and then, and let the criticism roll off your back as the beer rolls in the tummy!.. Most know how difficult this is.


Thanks for the great answer. I’m not the techie-guy to give you ideas to react to screen issues, I’m the economics guy who wants you to be always ready with a plan. It’s too late now but this whole screen-samples- issue makes me nervous. There was no timeline with milestones for this. Just “waiting for screens…” My english is not good enough to describe exactly what I mean. I wanted you to say: "screen samples should be delivered till 01.08.2017. If not, I will go personally to Japan to pick them up… (as a example). I will never take anything wrong here because I am realistic enough to know what I did when I have purchased a V at IGG. I spend a lot of time here in the community reading and posting comments to get a “I’m helping where I can- feeling”. In regard of community interaction there is just one thing eve could do better. We need more pictures in the zero-liner-updates: Team members at work, Konsta- selfies in China, handshakes with japanese-looking guys which could be Sharp CEOs, warehouse pictures or even pictures of your cat helps us to become more familiar with eve.


today even 0.01 is better than 0.00 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Assuming the samples work as expected. Where will the production units ship from? What QoS tests will be performed, and an estimation on how long to complete them?


Now, after the earthquake, I’m afraid all the processes might be postponed for later. Where are the offices of emdoor located btw? At least hope the people are safe to begin with.


Very fair point and hope all well.


China earthquake epicentre was about 1500 kilometers Northwest from Hong Kong and a little less from Shenzhen.

Unfortunate event, but “luckily” the epicentre was in mountainous region with less inhabitation. However there are several people killed, at least five so far.


Agree with you, and I believe we all have similar things to @Team to share and be more open (which I believe they are to MY EXPECTATION), however, since I am not the only one with expectation, everyone has their own unique expectation, till they say “what the heck that they are not able to resolve the Screen issue?”, which actually in reality EVE reputation is at stake in the market, and not the reputation of the backers AT ALL (not in a slight bit)". However, the frustration is there at all levels and its part of human nature. What we can do now is as follows…

  1. Write to them (@team) and give suggestion/proactive approaches if you are aware of your Product Delivery knowledge or any Risk/Mitigation Plans of similar nature.
  2. If you have any direct relation with industry screen vendor (A or B), and if you are sure you can influence for speedy delivery, then do not hesitate to connect @team .
  3. There are ways where in we can look at this entire journey for last 1 years (for backers) and 3-4 years for EVE team, we know exactly what we signed to, when you invested our time, mind, energy, cost, risk, reputation, sleep, etc. we are on the same page or we are in different league altogether. If yes the same page, then we need to know what makes us slide out of the page (for a bit)? we should not, ideally, and since we are humans we may, and we need to come back on the same page again.

All we need to know now that we are ONE in SPIRIT and MIND, and it’s MADE BY US.

We are very close now, and we know when things come right it will heal the little skirmish quickly.

Hang On…folks…