0.01 liner update 22.11



V’s have successfully passed customs clearance and arrived now to Hong Kong warehouse!

Community Digest 02.12

whooop whoop…getting closer and closer


I can feel that Alcantara… Ooh :heart_eyes:


One step closer to the finish line…
Now that there is movement and something to inform about, Please keep the updates comming they are much apreciated.


Hell yes! :smiley:

It’s been ages since I was that hyped to get a product in my hands :smiley:
Ok, I was pretty hyped for the Switch as well, but except that I never was this hyped for a product! :smiley:


Good info for HEBs @Konstantinos . Now, what is going on in the factory meanwhile? How many LBs have been produced already?


Sorry to ask. Is Hong Kong warehouse indicative of 1) the V’s are now in warehouse and are going through DHL to the rest of the world. Or 2) the V’s for distribution in that part of the world have arrived in their warehouse (but V’s for Europe/America haven’t arrived at their warehouse yet?)

Sorry to ask. I know you guys are super busy right now.

Edit: and yaaaaay!


when we will get track numbers?


Let’s hope the warehouse won’t burn :smile:
Good job team, I can’t wait for the tracking number :stuck_out_tongue:


If I understand correctly, it’s a 3 step process.

  1. All Vs shipped to HK Warehouse - DONE :tada:
  2. Vs shipped from HK to local warehouses (EU/US/etc.): 3-6 days
  3. Vs shipped from local warehouses to our homes (with tracking numbers): 2-4 days

So, assuming step 2 starts later today/early tomorrow we should receive the tracking numbers in just over 3-6 days. (Except those people for which HK is their local warehouse - I would imagine they will get their tracking numbers really soon)
(Note that I don’t know whether that’s calendar days or business days)


Ahhh. Now I’m with it. There’s an initial warehouse and a follow up warehouse that’s regional!


When they are sent out from the delivery firm :grinning:


No it will definitely be on Sunday 26.11.2017 at 15.31 and 37 seconds…:upside_down_face:


Methinks our fearless leader needs a tutorial on the difference between “One-liner” “tiny liner” (if that’s even a thing) and “0.01 liner” updates, and just “an update”. I think a typical 0.01 liner would be a single character. That may work in some character sets (Kanji for instance), but not so much with a latin alphabet!


Good news though. Now for the same info for the LBs!


Don’t say that loud! :zipper_mouth_face::crazy_face: Murphy is everywhere…


Why’d you have to say that?! Or even think that?! :expressionless:


He just explained his total thrust in the North Korean missile handling. :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Konstantinos First of all, congrats to this great achievement.
I have something that might be off-topic here but why have you chosen a European warehouse in England?
I mean in about 14-15 months you will need another one outside of England. I would have thought that you might not want to change the logistics every now and then…


I guess the reason behind will be that this is the european hub of the chosen logistic dispatcher.


the right decision - should save time for me… :joy: