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[B] Function lock gets reset when reconnecting the keyboard (5)
[X] USB-C/TB3 slots with USB-C power cable make noises ( 2 ) (25)
Speedstep vs Speedshift (8)
[F] App For Monitoring Keyboard Battery (11)
[F] Brightness Steps Should Include OFF State (9)
[F] Battery Health/Durability Utility (4)
[B] Touchpanel driver (5)
[X] Increase the pen sampling rate (2)
[F] Windows 8.1 drivers (8)
[X] Be able to enter bitlocker PIN using on-screen keyboard - NOT POSSIBLE (19)
[B] Shift + Fn + ArrowKey doesn't work (5)
[X] Improve Palm/clasp recognition while writing (5)
[B] External Microphones will not detected by the drivers (2)
[F] Use the V Keyboards charge led to show if CAPS LOCK is ON ( 2 3 ) (41)
> [F] Fan sound to hear if the V is really working ( 2 3 ) (57)
[F] tool for tuning the pen like the Surface app (20)
Feedback: Eve V drivers - I would not install them (19)
[F] Undervolting in BIOS/UEFI (17)
[F] PXE UEFI Boot (7)
[F] Switch in the BIOS to *completely* cut the power off to certain components (4)
[X] New Magnetic USB-C Cable w/ Charging LED (16)
[F] Turn Off Keyboard Backlight (4)
[B] V turned on in sleeve (16)
[F] Have keyboard indicator LED lit when awake in BT mode (1)
[F] Buttons combo actions (2)
[F] Improve the 'performance' mode in the BIOS (12)
[X] Remove CalMan Client Splash Screen (8)
[X] Keyboard backlight turns on when the V turns off (5)
BT security improvement and/or WiFi (1)
[F] Selective Charging (3)